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It was a beautiful night. A perfect night to turn 23. There was a full moon this night it burned bright in a clear black sky. Rain had worked so hard in the days before this night purifying her body with special teas and purifying her mind by meditation. She knew this night was a special night she could almost hear the night calling to her begging her to come out and play.

When everyone was asleep she came outside in a brand new pure white shift.

White for the innocence still hers. The innocence she had never given away.

Rain was unhappy in her soul, if she told the truth she had been unhappy all her days on this earth. Something was missing in her very soul and her soul bled without it.

She set out four new candles in each of the cardinal points. Green for the north, white for the east, red for the south, and blue for the west she chanted as she lit each one consecrating and blessing her circle as she cast it knowing that she was safe inside. Only love could enter here.

Now Rain defined herself as a witch but she wasn't always casting spells, in fact she was kind of wary of it all not wanting any unnecessary repercussions. She had never and swore that she would never perform love spells as that was a whole hill of beans she wanted no part of.

But tonight, tonight something called to Rain in low, plaintive tones begging to be seen, recognized. And in her heart Rain was afraid of what she was about to ask for.

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A full moon on her birthday. This was the night when her deepest wishes and desires would come true. If she were only brave enough to say it, voice aloud her want.

She lit her stick of incense the night air filling with the sweet scent of champa as she washed her hands praying for purification, touching her forehead, lips and heart. Grabbing her mala beads she closed her eyes letting the incense fill her head as she quietly began to chant.

Subtle changes in the air went unnoticed by her as she chanted her fingers slipping over the sandalwood beads. The wind picked up slightly taking the long dark strands of her hair and tossing them to and fro. After she had chanted two sets on the beads Rain opened her eyes looking up to the clear moon. It was not Rain's way to create a formal spell that had meter and rhyme when she spoke to her god it was always straight from the heart.

"I don't know what to ask for." She began sighing feeling a lump grow in her throat. "I don't know what to say." Unexplained tears welled up in her eyes slipping down her cheeks as she stared at the bright moon. "I've been unhappy for so long. Is there really no one out there, just for me? It's such a fantasy isn't it? To want something elusive. Love is elusive for me, I feel I can't love anyone and that no one will ever really love me."

In Rain's mind pictures of her life flashed back before her eyes. The years of abuse under her father the new tyranny of her mother. The feeling of having no sanctuary, no safe place to grow.

All these thoughts tormented her.

She remembered when everyone called her ugly, when they pointed at her nose, her brown eyes, and called her long hair stringy. When they told her no man would want her.

She heard their voices calling her fat.

Fat and ugly.

No man will ever want you.

Rain couldn't finish her prayer to god as these horrible memories surfaced she just rolled onto the ground curling into a fetal ball with one hand to her chest the other laying on the back of her neck.

She cried silently, so silently that if anyone looked over the fence into her backyard they would think that she was asleep.

It wasn't her way to be melodramatic.

There was only one thing though that really stood out in her mind as she shivered in the cold grass tasting the salt of her tears. Once when she was fifteen she had left her window open in the warm night air of spring and she had prayed then, one prayer that lasted for three years.

"Please god, send someone to come for me."

It only lasted for three years because no one ever did come through her window though she cried and pleaded saying if I give you this won't you hear me now?

All of her childhood's faith died that night when she stopped praying, stopped believing that she was worthy of someone who would save her, love her as she had always wanted to be loved.

This night that was supposed to be so special now was ruined.

What was the point of staying out here only to remember all that she had tried to hide away?

Rain slowly uncurled herself turning to lay on her back the moon dazzling her with its brightness.

What was there to ask for anyway?

Rain closed her eyes again just lying in the moonlight. She had always had the belief since she was a child that to lay in the moonlight made one beautiful, and she had always wanted to be beautiful.

There was a rustling in the bushes that lined the fence around her backyard, the sound made Rain sit up squinting her eyes to see further in the darkness. There was a large undeveloped area beyond her house that was all forest and wild, no one went into that area. She heard it again this time from straight in front of her Rain jerked her head sharply toward the noise. Her heartbeat accelerated as the sound came closer and closer, like dead leaves being crushed under feet.

She should go. She should blow out the candles and go.

But she couldn't.

Her lips parted as a huge shadow emerged from the darkness lining the fence coming into the bright moonlight.

It was large and it came straight for her. Rain couldn't scream she could only stare at the shadow as it came closer and closer.

It was a man. She could tell from the height and the breadth of his shoulders, the way his body was silhouetted in the silver moonlight.

It burned white on his skin revealing to Rain's not too experienced eyes that he was naked and sleekly muscled.

As he came closer the wind blew his glossy black hair forward making it dance about his shoulders.

"Who are you?" Rain's lips barely moved as the words whispered forth.

Was this a dream? Was she asleep in her bed dreaming again?

He was so close now just standing on the edges of her circle.

Rain's lip trembled.

He dropped down to one knee before her illuminated by the candlelight. Shadows danced on his face revealing clearly that he was a spectacular man. He had green eyes that contrasted beautifully with the darkness of his hair and arched brows. He cocked his head to the side observing her as intently as she was him. He had beautiful lips and high cheekbones that made his angled jawline look carved out of marble by a master hand.

"Please," Rain didn't even know why that one word slipped out of her mouth. Was she pleading for him to not hurt her? Or was she begging for something else?

He extended one hand forward Rain's eyes were locked onto his hand, so big her own would be lost in it. What would her strength be against his? He laid his hand palm down over the line of her circle.

He shouldn't be able to do that.

Nothing should be able to come into the circle. Nothing but love.

He reached out with his other hand the movement of his body causing new shadows to flicker over his bronze skin as he crawled, no stalked was a better term, thought Rain, toward her. He came right over the barrier of the circle into its very depths as Rain moved back her body on its side. He came up over her blocking out the rays of the moon, the guttering candlelight, shoving everything aside that was not him.

Rain was on her back her hands reached out to touch his hard, warm chest. His skin was like silk, immediately pleasurable to her touch. She closed her eyes briefly as his scent rose up from his skin. He smelled wild, feral, washed in moonlight.

"Please," Tears came into her eyes again.

He dipped his head down kissing her cheek, tasting her tears.

The hot brand of his lips on her cheek marked her; the feel of it flowed through her veins like warm honey. No one ever kissed her. Never.

When they said they loved her it was always about money. How much love for how much money? How good did she have to be to receive those tiny crumbs of love?

Rain had never been placed first in anyone's life. She had always been second to school, cars, money, a husband, a home.

She'd never been first.

Never placed before someone else's wants and desires.

All she had ever wanted was to be loved. To have someone love her more than themselves; to know a truly burning passionate love for all time.

This was a dream, a special birthday dream to comfort her in the lonely nights ahead, a dream to gather close to her heart surrounded in lavender. This was a dream to cherish when she was old and alone.

Rain raised her hands placing them in his silky black hair. "You're so beautiful." She whispered when his verdant eyes met hers. "So beautiful." Her hands slipped down the angles of his smooth cheeks to where her arms dropped and Rain spread them out on either side of her, almost touching the candles, she closed her eyes ready to awaken from the dream.

He took her move for surrender as he lowered his hard muscled body down over hers.

Rain opened her eyes with a strangled gasp in her throat realizing that somehow either she was not waking up or that this was not a dream.

He looked into her eyes then cocking his head again and Rain felt exposed as if he saw through her into her very soul. As if he knew what her thoughts were before he came into the light.

She placed her hands gently on his large biceps a part of her thrilled to be touching such hot male flesh.

"Don't cry." He spoke in a soft voice as though gentling her, not wanting her to run away. He moved his arms so that they slid underneath her shoulders his palms cradling the back of her head his fingers twining in the long dark locks of her hair. The move brought him even closer, harder into her. His warmth felt good, his body against hers instead of frightening her made her feel protected and safe as though he would never let anyone touch her again. No one but him.

"Who are you?" Rain whispered caressing her hands down his arms toward his back where she laid her palms on his shoulders. "Please tell me who you are."

He brought his cheek down caressing her soft cheek with his slightly raspy one; his lips burned her ear as he whispered. "How could I resist you, when I hear you call my name?" He moved to look into her eyes again.

"I don't know who you are." Rain said very softly not wanting to anger him though a part of her thrilled inside at his words touching some hidden part of her.

"You do." He bent his head to kiss her. His kiss blew her away. Rain had been kissed by a few boys before but it had always been rather unpleasant and disgusting and it left her with a strange feeling that she had just betrayed something, someone. But this man, this strange moonlit creature that walked into her circle kissed her as she had always wanted to be kissed. Long, slow, lovingly his hands moving down the curve of her breast and waist as his tongue gently parted her lips. He was hot and tender, a sweet, sweet dream lover, the kind that knew your wants and needs before you voiced them.

Rain felt faint when he moved from her taking his sinful mouth lower to kiss the exposed curves of her breasts instead of being repulsed or scared Rain arched her neck back giving him access to more of her skin.

Touch me, she thought, touch me, don't stop.

She could feel his cock rigid as steel and burning hot against her thigh she moved her hands down his back to caress the ladder of his ribs down to his lean, narrow hips. Being with him in the grass, alone in the dark with only the moon for a witness gave a holy aspect to this mating not just of bodies but of souls.

He was drawing something out of her, making her want and need him and it felt so right to belong to him, to give herself to him.

His hands moved to her thighs where he bunched up the hem of her shift pulling it up and over her head Rain gasped at the feel of his skin against hers. She had never lain like this with a man, Rain snuggled deeper into his embrace.

He kissed her lips again and Rain responded with all the new passion that he had set free inside her and she felt him groan as her fingers dug into his flesh drawing her thighs up against his ribs so that he sank deeper into the cradle of her hips.

"You're everything I ever wanted." She breathed as he kissed her throat.

"I plan to be more than that to you." His mouth captured her upthrust nipple sucking and pulling hard on the tender flesh that had never been touched so before. Rain held him closer to her threading her fingers in his black hair as she cried out.

He began the same treatment on her other breast making her cry out once again into the warm night air then he started to move down her body kissing her all over taking away the words and memories that others had left behind; to him she was more than beautiful, she was his life. He kissed the flare of her hipbones then her tender inner thighs before kissing her mons. No one had ever touched her there and she jumped, a squeal on her lips, at his first slow lick.

"Oh god," She whispered as his tongue began to stroke hotly, wetly over the folds of her virgin cunt zeroing in on her tender clit he barely touched her there and she came for him, only him, in his arms.

"You're so beautiful." He whispered, her words echoed back to her as he held her, stroked her body until she was once again soft and languid in his arms. "I want you." He kissed her lips.

"Yes." And Rain knew that was the only word that would ever be used between them. Yes. Yes, to everything he wanted, anything he needed. She loved him so much.

"Tell me you want this, that you want me." He dipped his head to swirl his tongue in the hollow of her throat.

"Yes. I want you. I love you. Take me, make me yours." Rain gave herself to him completely knowing that he was the one man to love her as she had always wanted to be loved.

He rose up his hands behind her knees as he pulled her up close against him she spread her thighs wide for him locking her ankles in the small of his back.

"You are the only one I have ever loved." His green eyes burned into hers. "No one else matters."

"Only you." She whispered lost in his eyes, not wanting to be free.

His hands locked with hers as he lowered himself down over her covering her once again in his vital warmth. She felt the thick head of his cock part her cunt as he began to move. His lips covered hers as he moved forward in one deep thrust Rain kissed him back both loving and hating the pain and the pleasure that surged through her as he entered her.

She was so tight he thought he was going to cum right there nothing had ever felt like this before. He moved away watching her as he began to move inside her.

He was thick and large stretching and caressing her cunt she brought her hips up to his as he moved locked in a rhythm more ancient than time itself. She could feel a fire burning and surging through her blood igniting her whole body as he moved deeper and harder into her. Rain locked her thighs about his hips urging him to go deeper still to reach that part of her that she would give only to him.

She felt so good, so molten hot that when he came it took his breath away.

Rain could only look into his fathomless eyes as she arched her hips up capturing each last thrust wanting everything, every part of him.

He lay on top of her their arms entwined about the other, fiercely beating hearts pressed together. It was a long time before either of them spoke.

"I love you." He whispered still deep inside her.

"I love you. Don't say this was just a dream." Tears welled up in Rain's eyes.

He pulled out of her slowly then he reached down touching his pulsing cock where her blood was smeared on him. He moved then to touch her over her heart leaving one line of crimson blood on her skin. He took his fingers and licked the remaining blood off. "You're mine, Rain. You gave yourself to me."

He cradled her in his arms then wrapping himself tightly about her giving and receiving warmth. It wasn't long before she closed her eyes.

It was her alarm clock that she heard going off promptly at seven. "What the hell?" Rain groaned as she rolled over onto her stomach to turn off the offensive sound. She shook her head remembering that vivid dream she had had last night, what an erotic one.

"Too bad it wasn't real." Rain sighed she even remembered pleading with her dream man to let this be real. She was pathetic.

Rain sat up stretched her arms over her head and stood up only to feel a sharp pain that brought her to her knees. It hurt deep inside her cunt. "Oh shit." Rain moaned feeling the pain dull and begin to fade away maybe it was her period, she thought as she stumbled toward the bathroom. She was wearing her new white shift but she noticed that there were some grass stains on it pulling it over her head Rain stepped into the shower stall letting the hot water pour over her. She happened to look down at the tub and saw red streaks in the water cupping her hand to her cunt Rain saw that her inner thighs were painted red she looked down at her chest and saw the red line that her dream lover had made on her skin.

It was real. It was real, she thought as she sat in her class unable to focus on what the teacher said. The pain in her cunt had long since receded into a pleasurable ache that left Rain wanting more from her dream lover, to have him fill her once again.

When she was done with her classes it was two o'clock and in a daze Rain walked to her car heedless of where she was going she felt someone bump into her. "Sorry." She said absently walking on.

"Are you really?"

The sound of that voice stopped Rain dead in her tracks. Her heartbeat accelerated. It couldn't be him.

A shadow crossed hers coming closer to where Rain could feel a strong warmth reaching out to her. "Do you have regrets, Rain? About me, about us?"

Rain looked up into the face of her dream lover. Her birthday gift. He was real, solid flesh standing before her once again. In the sunlight his black hair shone with a high gloss as it fell over his shoulders enhancing the deep, clear green of his eyes. He was dressed in jeans and a black T-shirt that hugged his body showcasing the lean hardness of his frame. It didn't matter how he got here all that mattered was that he was here and real. Not something that only haunted the night torturing her dreams.

He leaned in close to whisper in her ear. "Happy birthday, baby. I love you." He kissed her then right in the parking lot with Rain eagerly kissing him back.

"There's just one thing." Rain said her arms about his neck when they parted.

"Yes?" He arched one black brow.

"Tell me your name."

He laughed then caressing her face with a tenderness she had never known. "Julian. Julian Nuit."


"I rather fancy Rain Nuit, don't you?" He asked tucking her close into his body as they bypassed her car and headed for his.

"Yes, I do."

Rain leaned her head back on his broad shoulder linking her arm about his waist as they walked knowing she had found the love she had searched for all her life.