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Miriam Smith was so excited after being selected from all the school librarians in Birmingham, Alabama to make the Martin Luther King, Jr. presentation at one of the underprivileged inner city high schools. The only problem was that her husband, Maurice, didn't want his beautiful blonde wife going into the city to be at some "nigger" school. You see, her husband was quite the racist.

Miriam had always wanted to give back to the community and this was one way that she enjoyed to be able to do so. She was given a stipend for travel expenses into the city and a budget to purchase additional books for the library. The pretty blonde high school librarian was supposed to provide information at the library for Black History Month during the month of February. As MLK day is in mid-January, she had only two weeks to get ready. She was assigned to Booker T. Washington High School, an all-black school. Miriam didn't know that the school's principal had selected her solely (or should I say, soulfully) because of her classical, blonde-goddess look. The principal, Mr. Black, liked the pretty blonde librarian a lot, a whole lot.

The presentation went well. She worked with the Principal and met a bunch of the other teachers. Everybody was very nice to the only 'white' teacher there. Miriam certainly attracted all the attention especially from all the men and boys as she was very attractive.

Miriam went through the library taking inventory and assessment of all the library's books and reference material. It was the second day there that she found several boxes of old Playboys. She also found another three boxes filled with old videos that were marked by hand with quite a few women's names. She threw out the playboys but went and retrieved them because she didn't want any of the high school boys to get them. Her husband might even be interested in them because there were some of the earlier issues. Maybe they were worth something after all?

She took a box of the videos home with her that evening. Maurice was downtown having dinner with a client so she made dinner for just herself. After a glass of wine, she remembered the videos still out in the car. She went out to her car and brought in the box. They were the old-style VHS videos. While DVD's were newer and more popular nowadays, they still had an old VHS player up in the attic. Miriam isn't the most technical person but she was finally able to connect the old player to their new 50 inch Panasonic plasma TV set that Maurice had gotten to watch 'his' football games. She hoped that the VHS player wouldn't blow a tube or a fuse in the new TV set.

Miriam picked one that had the name, 'Jennifer,' handwritten on the label. She sat back on the couch with the glass of wine in her hand and pushed the 'PLAY' button on the old VCR player.

The first scene was very poorly lit and it was hard to see anything. Then a light came on and it was the inside of a bedroom. A nice looking brunette came in to the room. This must be the 'Jennifer' who was listed on the outside of the video. Miriam guessed that she was about the same age as the woman in the video although it looked like the video was taken a number of years ago by the look of the style of her clothes and her big hairdo. She was followed into the bedroom by a black man. The two kissed. Miriam gasped! It a moment to two for Miriam to figure out what the video was all about. This was an amateur porno video. An interracial one at that!

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The black man unbuttoned the pretty brunette's blouse and tossed it on the chair. They kissed again. Miriam became intrigued with the video but it was like spying on two lovers. Next the black man took off the woman's bra and they kissed some more. Miriam was surprised but she began to feel herself getting warmer as her pulse began to race from the excitement. Although her husband had brought home several videos before, she had never seen a porno movie, especially one starring a attractive white wife with a black man.

The woman in the video must have been very excited herself because she started unbuckling the black man's pants. The woman got down on her knees in front of him as she unleashed his giant manhood.

Miriam audibly gasped. The black man's big cock was the biggest and blackest thing that she had ever seen. She figured it was probably two maybe even three times the size of her own husband's penis. "My, God," she thought to herself. "Is it really true what they say about the size of the Negro's manhood?"

The woman in the erotic video took the big black cock into her mouth, began cradling his swollen black balls and stroking its full, hard length. It must have been twelve or thirteen inches long and about as thick as her wrist.

The Negro pulled his cock out of the woman's mouth and pushed her down on the bed. His head went down under beneath her skirt and between her legs in a flash. Miriam thought that the black man must be eating the white woman's pussy. The woman was moaning out loud in ecstasy. The tingling between Miriam's own legs was growing stronger now. Her husband had wanted to go down on her but Miriam had always refused before because she thought that it was just too dirty of a thing to do. Now she wished she had let her husband do that to her as it looked like the woman in the video was enjoying the black man's artful ministrations with his searching tongue.

After a while the black man mounted the brunette and they fucked longer than her husband had ever fucked her. Miriam wondered what she had been missing.

Miriam was startled out of her trance when she heard the back door by the garage open.

"Honey, I'm home," her husband called out.

Miriam quickly shut off the video player and switched the channel to 'Lifetime,' a channel that her husband hated.

"Dear, I'm in the den watching TV," she said breathlessly. "How was the dinner meeting with your new client?"

"It was okay but it was kind of boring. He signed the contract, though, that's all that mattered. Say, do you feel alright? You look a little flushed."

"I feel fine. I was just doing a little aerobics with an old Jane Fonda video a few minutes ago."

Maurice wondered about his lovely blonde wife as she was still wearing the same dress that she wore earlier to school that day. He figured that she would have put on her old sweat clothes like she normally does when she worked out. However, her husband liked whatever outfit his wife wore but he considered skimpier the better. Maurice's wife had a great figure but it seemed like she never displayed her charms enough to his satisfaction. His friends thought the same thing.

Maurice hadn't made love to his beautiful blonde wife in several weeks but Miriam was the aggressor in bed that night. Normally she just laid there and was very passive. Not tonight, though, as she was actually a tigress in bed which Maurice hadn't seen in her before. He enjoyed it immensely; unfortunately, Maurice didn't have very much staying power and soon ejaculated. He was terribly disappointed in himself because he hadn't satisfied his lovely wife. At least he didn't have to worry about getting his wife pregnant as he had a vasectomy several years ago.


Miriam went in to the school's library early the next morning as she wanted to finish inventorying all the books to know which ones she needed to order. She was busy inputting all of the information into her laptop and time must have gotten away from her as she was so engrossed in her work. The pretty blonde librarian thought that she was alone in the library when she heard a voice that startled her.

"Ma'am, ma'am," he said.

Miriam looked up to see a tall elderly black man.

"Yes, may I help you?" Miriam responded.

"Name's Willie Taylor. I'm the school janitor. The principal, Mr. Black, asked me to come over and check on you to make sure that you be doin' alright. "

For some reason, Miriam thought that she had recognized him and that she had met him before but that just couldn't be possible because she didn't associate with black people. Her husband would certainly object.

"My name is Miriam Smith. What can I do for you?" she asked again.

"Miz Smith," he said. "I's left some o' my boxes here in da library an somebody musta took 'em. I's don't sees them where I's left'em."

"Where did you leave them, Willie?"

"I left then in dat closet over yonder," as he pointed to the broom closet behind the Librarian's Desk.

Miriam flushed. Now she remembered where she had last seen Willie Taylor. "Oh, my Gawd! He is the black man in the videos! Those must have been made over twenty years ago when he was in his thirties or forties. Willie looked like he was now pushing sixty," she thought to herself.

"I haven't seen them," she lied. "Somebody must have taken them before I got here."

"If youse happen to find dem, Miz Smith, please let me know, will ya? I'd kinda hate for dem to fall into da wrong hands."

Willie could tell by the flushed look on her face that the lovely blonde librarian had 'found' his missing videos as they had already fallen in the 'wrong' hands. He had put them there for her to 'find.' The old copies of Playboy weren't that valuable, anyway, and the videos of him with his lady friends were duplicates made from the originals. He first started his 'white' quest while he was working as a stage hand at one of the movie studios in Hollywood. The naive starlets yearning for their first part were more than willing to be seduced by the important movie 'executive.' Willie was discovered himself by one of the art directors who specialized in interracial movies. He even had a casting couch at his home and used Willie to audition all the pretty young white fillies. The director loved to see the expression on their pretty faces when they saw the black monster that was about to violate them. Some of Willie's later movies were made after he had become a school janitor. He had fucked most of the pretty white teachers whether they were married or not. If they were married, he got many of the husbands to even hold the camera while he fucked their wives.

Willie knew that the new, pretty blonde librarian would recognize him sooner or later if she had seen one of his homemade movies. Now she would know that he could please her much more than her husband ever could. The black janitor had enjoyed making those movies and he hoped he might be able to make one with the new librarian. Maybe even her white husband would video them together like most of the husbands of the other white women did as 'Ole Willie' fucked their pretty white wives.


Miriam secretly watched more of the interracial videos while her husband wasn't around. There was even one where the pretty blonde wife had a striking resemblance to herself. It took Miriam's breath away. It was almost as if she was watching herself getting fucked by the big-dicked black janitor.

That night, Maurice couldn't believe his good luck! For the second time in as many nights, his wife practically attacked him in bed. She was so hot and wet down below. He was able to hold off a little longer this time, for almost fifteen minutes before shooting his sperm deep into his wife.

"What has gotten into her?" Maurice thought to himself. He didn't care just as long as he was the recipient of her pent-up desires it was okay by him. Maybe she is just getting frisky because of the cool weather that they were having in January.

All Miriam could think about was Willie Taylor and his big, black cock. She visualized that her husband was Willie while they made love that night but her own husband just couldn't satisfy her like she knew that Willie could.


February and Black History Month finally arrived for Miriam at Booker T. Washington High School. Business had been brisk for the attractive blonde librarian but it seemed like a lot more of the boys came by to talk about Black History Month than the girls did.

Then she realized what it was causing all the commotion when her husband asked her that morning, "Honey, you're not really going to wear that to school, are you?"

"Why not," she asked. "What's wrong with it?" Maybe that's why all the guys have been flocking around me so much she thought to her self.

"First," as he counted on his fingers. "Your skirt is too short. You might just give those little black boys the thrill of their life if you bent over. Second," her husband continued counting. "That blouse you're wearing shows way too much of your womanly charms. Your cleavage rivals the Grand Canyon. Third, that perfume you're wearing is probably going drive those little boys wild. What are you gonna do then, set off a race riot or something?"

"Dear," she explained. "My clothes are in style. Besides I don't want to look like some ole biddy of a school marm."

Miriam went off to school the way she was already dressed much to her husband's chagrin. Maurice loved his wife but he was very concerned about his good-looking white wife mingling with all of the darkies. Maybe she might get the wrong idea.

Her husband must have been right. Miriam teased not only the other black male teachers with her natural wholesome sexiness but she also attracted the attention of all the little and the not so little black boys. Sometimes she would have boys three deep listening to what she had to say.

Miriam was just finishing up late one evening as Willie came into the library.

"Why, Miz Smith, I sees you be workin' late again tonight. Don't cha ever go home?"

"My husband's not home this week ..." As she said it, she knew that she shouldn't have let that confidential piece of information slip about her husband being out of town on business this week.

"Ya saw some of my movies, didn't cha?" he asked her.

"What do you mean Willie?" but she knew exactly what he meant.

"You know, some of those videos you found a couple of weeks ago. I know that you looked at 'em 'cause I saws the look on ya face when I's asks where they be. You did watch 'em, didn't ya?"

Miriam was stunned. She didn't know how to reply to the black janitor's very direct question. Should she lie or tell the truth. She had been brought up to always tell the truth no matter how bad things might get. As it turned out, she watched all of them. Miriam was very intrigued with the size of his great black manhood and his incredible staying power.

"I, uhhh," she stuttered. Miriam only stuttered when she was very nervous and hadn't done so in many years. The last time she stuttered was when she was in high school and had to make a speech in front of the entire student body as to why she should be elected President. She was nervous then and she was very nervous now. All she was facing now was an elderly black janitor whom she had met just a couple of weeks ago. "I watched several of them." She wished she could vanish.

"Ya know that was me in them videos, don't cha?"

"I thought I recognized you when we first met. Those were taken quite a few years ago, weren't they?" she challenged.

"The ones you saw were filmed about twenty years ago when I was in a younger man's body but my big ole black cock is just as strong as ever. Did you watch 'em with your husband?"

"Ahhh, no," she replied. "My husband was at dinner with some clients."

"I've made some movies recently with some pretty young things almost as pretty as you. Do you think that your husband would like to video you getting fucked by me?" Willie Taylor was very direct, if anything. At his age, he couldn't afford to beat around the bush playing games and wasting time.

The question took Miriam by surprise. "I don't know, besides you are mighty big. You might not fit."

"Come on now, little lady, at least let's be original. I've gotten in to many tights spots before and you can take me; that I'm sure."

"I'm not so sure."

He was standing next to her rubbing her shoulder. When did he move so close?

Miriam couldn't believe that this was actually happened to her. She litterally melted at his touch. She knew in her heart that she must resist this terrible black man's advances but she he pussy couldn't.

Willie bent down next to the pretty blonde librarian and kissed her like she had never been kissed before. One of his strong black hands searched under her skirt while the other one found the erect nipples on her breasts. Miriam was helpless!

Miriam thighs unconsciously parted allowing the black janitor access to the opening gates of her feminine fortress. His black hand was on the inside of her smooth, firm thigh. His finger pushed aside the legband of her dampened panties. Through the silky fine blonde pussy hair, he found what he was looking for. Miriam gasped as his hand drove forward and found her quivering pussy. The black janitor rubbed her erect clitoris with his thumb and forefinger. Miriam couldn't believe that this was happening.

Willie reluctantly broke the kiss with the lovely white woman and got down on his knees between her widespread legs. He pushed her skirt up her thighs. Miriam lifted her hips to allow the black janitor to remove her dampened panties. Her finely-manicure fingers went to the kinky black hair on his head as his probing tongue enticed her willing womanhood. Miriam head went back and she had her first 'true' orgasm. Willie ate the beautiful blonde woman's very aroused pussy. He really enjoyed white pretty women.

After Miriam experienced a couple of powerful orgasms, Willie helped up the satiated white woman. He removed her blouse and undid her bra setting free her firm, twin white orbs. He then laid her on her desk and unzipped his own trousers. Miriam couldn't help but gasp in terror when she saw his monstrous, one-eyed black beast. It looked even bigger in person than it looked in the videos of him!

"Put it in for me, Honey," he whispered in her ear as he bent over the pretty blonde librarian.

Miriam hesitated momentarily as she quickly then made up her mind. She just had to try some of this huge black cock for herself. She remembered when one of her sorority sisters in college dated one of the black football players. The blackballed sorority sister had claimed it was the best sex that she ever had even if it meant getting blackballed by the sorority. The 'nigga sex,' as she called it, was worth more to her than her staying in the sorority.

The blonde librarian reached between her wide-spread thighs and timidly touched the gigantic black cock that protruded from his dark loins. It was hot and hard to the touch. She had never felt anything like this before. There was absolutely no comparison between this huge black monster and her husband's much smaller penis.

"The principal, Mr. Black, had been right," Willie thought to himself. "This is one hot lil number. Jus' wait 'tils I fill her up with my big ole black cock. The principal had actually slipped into the library as the same time as his longtime friend, the janitor. Mr. Black had a digital video camera pointed at the beautiful blonde librarian as she took Willie's giant black member. He zoomed in just as the black cock penetrated her pretty blonde pussy. The gasp that Miriam made as he thrust forward would be very audible on the video. The principal watched as the blonde's trim legs came up to grasp Willie's pumping hips. This one is definitely a keeper. If her bastard husband ever saw this video of his wife taking her first big black cock, he probably would just shit.

Miriam had orgasm after powerful orgasm. She had never been so filled and fulfilled like this before. Willie had his cock all the way in her now and the pretty blonde wife was writhing beneath him in passion. Their lips locked and Willie's tongue dove deep into her sweet mouth. Miriam was moaning with ecstasy with each of his hard, deep thrusts.

The black janitor stiffened up and drove into her battered pussy once more. He was shooting his strong, potent dark sperm into her fertile womb. Miriam lay back limp on her desk. It was hard for her to catch her breath. Willie got off of her spent body. She looked up and saw the principal, Mr. Black. She tried in vain to cover her naked breasts and gaping pussy. Then she saw him reach down to unzip his own zipper. Mr. Black wanted some of Willie's recent conquest. He had all that he wanted and then some. He and a number of his friends would be more than happy to teach the pretty blonde librarian something about Black History Month!