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That day, I sat at my computer, trying to think of the next chapter of my novel. I'd been working on the same chapter for about a week, stuck on the fate of a character I had brought close to death in the chapter before. It worked for the plot, but I was stuck with the question of whether to let the character die or have her survive the fall. Both seemed logical, but how would it affect the path of the story? Would I lose the audience? I only had a month to finish the novel according to my contract as it was. Then my publisher would start knocking on my door.

My thoughts were interrupted by a knock on my apartment door. Was my publisher here already? No, I remembered. I had called the maintenance line about a leak under my kitchen sink. That was probably them.

I opened the door, expecting to face a greasy, overweight guy with five o-clock shadow carrying a toolbox. Imagine my shock at the sight of a young Hispanic woman in jeans and a T-shirt. The only thing that matched my imaginary plumber was the toolbox she carried. I guessed her age in the early twenties. She stood less than five feet tall, looking up at me with large brown eyes. She had long, black hair tied back in a ponytail. Dark oil stains covered parts of the T-shirt, but they did nothing to take away from the bulge of her breasts underneath. The T-shirt didn't quite come all the way down to her waist, and I could see a slip of her bare stomach before it vanished into her jeans. The jeans hugged her wide hips and thighs very nicely.

She smiled up at me with full lips. Her voice had a touch of a Spanish accent. "Hi, I'm with maintenance. You called about a leak in your kitchen?"

It took a moment before I could speak. "Oh, yeah. Come on in."

"Thanks." The woman walked in, looking around the apartment. "Nice. Like what you've done with the place. I'm Emma, by the way."

"Charlie. Nice to meet you. Kitchen's this way."

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I headed for the kitchen, wishing I could have imagined it would be a gorgeous woman coming to fix my sink. I only wore a pair of plain gray sweatpants and a plain white undershirt. I didn't even have shoes or socks on. The tiles felt cold on my bare soles as I walked into the kitchen and pointed to the sink.

"Thanks." Emma set down her toolbox and bent over to open the doors under the sink. I couldn't help glancing down at her jeans as they stretched tight over the round and firm cheeks of her butt. I couldn't help imagining what lay underneath. When she straightened and turned around, I forced myself to tear my gaze away and focus on her.

Emma's mouth curved up in a smile. "I know what you're thinkin'."

Uh-oh. I tried to look casual as I raised my eyebrows. "Really?"

Emma spread her hands and waved them a little in the air. "Yeah. You're thinkin', 'I was expecting some big Italian guy in overalls and a plumbers' crack,' not a little girl like me."

I laughed, almost sighing in relief. She really hadn't guessed everything I had been thinking. "Oh, no. Well, I mean, sort of, but it's no big deal."

Emma giggled as she knelt down to open her toolbox. "I get that all the time. My dad taught me plumbing. I don't look like a plumber, but I know my stuff."

"Of course. I believe you."

"But I can do the rest of it." Emma stood up, turned around, and looked over her shoulder at me while she pulled down her jeans in the back, exposing an inch of the crack of her butt. "That more like it?"

I laughed, partly because it was funny, and partly trying to cover up how turned on I was. I tried not to stare too hard at the cleavage poking out of her jeans, and how easy it was to follow it down and trace the curves of her buttocks through the cloth.

Emma giggled some more, then got down on her knees in front of the sink. She hadn't pulled up her jeans, and I couldn't help drinking in the rounded cleavage of her rear vanishing into them.

I completely forgot my work then, just enjoying being around Emma. She did know her stuff. I watched her work on the sink with interest, and the sight of her body with more interest. When she bent over, I admired her ass. When she sat up, I watched the front of her T-shirt mold itself to her full breasts. I was addicted. And she wasn't bad companionship, either. It turned out that we had both grown up in the same area. We had even gone to the same high school, and we laughed about the teachers and students we remembered.

We also talked about our families, and my heart melted hearing her talk about her mother who had died young, leaving her to be raised by her father. By the time an hour had passed, I had made up my mind that I had to have her.

She finally made one final turn on a pipe with a wrench and got to her feet. "All done. She's as good as new."

"Thanks," I said, my mind racing for excuses to keep her around. "Can I get you something to drink?"

Emma tossed her wrench back into her toolbox and braced her hands on her wide hips. "Sure. Soda's fine. Pepsi if you have it."

I went to the fridge, opened the door, and thanked myself for not drinking the last can of Pepsi the night before. "Just happen to have one left."

I tossed her the can and got a grape soda for myself. She popped open the can, gulped some of it down, and leaned against the counter.

"So I've done all the talking," Emma said. "Tell me about yourself. You live in this apartment alone?"

"Yeah, just me. I used to have a roommate, but he skipped out on the rent one too many times."

"Nice." Emma took a sip of her Pepsi, eyeing me over the edge of the can. "So I guess your girlfriend must like having this place all to herself then, huh?"

"Oh, I'm between girlfriends right now."

Emma's smile pricked up in one corner. "Oh, now how can that be? A fine-looking man such as yourself is single?"

I laughed, feeling my cheeks warming in a blush. "Yeah, well, spread the word. Maybe that'll change."

Emma set the Pepsi down on the counter and leaned one elbow against it. She braced her fist on her chin and looked up at me with her crooked smile. "Oh, I'm not telling any of my girlfriends. I want you all to myself."

My laughter tapered off, hardly believing my ears. I had expected to dance around the obvious for a little while, and was unprepared for the direct approach. I found myself mumbling like an idiot, trying to think of my next move.

Emma giggled and lowered her eyes. "You know, I seen you around the complex. I was hoping you'd be here when I came to fix your sink."

"Really? Well, I haven't seen you before, but if I had known there was a plumber here this cute, I would've called sooner. I take it you're single?"

Emma cocked her head to one side, letting her ponytail fall to one shoulder. "Yeah, I ain't hooked up with nobody. I just got off a bad relationship and I'm not really looking for anything serious. Right now, I'm interested in having fun, you know? That okay with you?"

"Sure is." I let my gaze drop down to take in the neckline of her shirt, which had fallen down to expose the dark canyon of her cleavage. "I'm all into having fun."

"Good. Then let's have some fun." Emma turned away from me, smiling coyly over her shoulder as her hands worked at the front of her jeans. The jeans loosened and slipped down her legs to the floor. They left her muscular legs cocked before me, and I followed them up to the thong that cradled the cheeks of her perfect ass.

Emma watched my expression from over her shoulder. "I seen you checking me out all this time. Thought maybe you'd like a better view."

I stepped closer to her. "Very nice. I do love that view. You have an amazing body."

Emma giggled, then turned around to face me. I admired the front of her lacy black thong climbing up between her thighs, tracing it down to the treasure between them. "You're not so bad yourself."

She reached out to run her fingers up my left arm. Her hand was cold from handling the water-pipe, but soft anddelicate. "I been checkin' out those muscles since I got in here. Wondering how they would feel around me."

Her brown eyes rolled up to me. "I want to find out."

Until that moment, I had no idea that Emma had known I existed. I certainly hadn't seen her before. I would have remembered her. The thought that she had been observing and admiring me all this time turned me on even more.

I leaned down to kiss her. Our mouths pushed against each other. Her soft lips felt like warm pillows against mine. I pushed my tongue into her mouth. She moaned under her breath. I allowed my arms to crawl down her body and grasp her waist. Her breath expelled in a huff as I yanked her up against me. I wanted her to feel the hardness under the crotch of my sweatpants. From the way her hips ground up against me, I assumed it was mission accomplished.

I let my hands drift downwards to run my palms down the cheeks of her butt. The soft, smooth flesh yielded gently to me. She moaned softly into my mouth. I moved my thumbs up to hook onto the waistband of her panties and drag them down. I broke the kiss to look down and watch her slit revealed to me, veiled by a curtain of dark, curly hair. She planted her small hands on my chest to push me away and let me see her body. Watching her standing there, gazing up to me naked from the waist down with just a T-shirt made my crotch ache.

She reached down to her hips and peeled off her T-shirt to reveal a lacy, black bra. Emma smirked at me as she reached back to unhook it and let it fall away. Her breasts looked even more inviting than I had imagined, firm and round with nipples the color of dark chocolate that stood high on their peaks. The nipples had swollen into perfectly round spheres that I couldn't help leaning down to taste. Emma moaned and ran her fingers along the back of my neck as I sucked one of her breasts into my mouth. She was so small that I had to crouch to reach it, but it was worth the trip. I tasted her skin in my mouth, felt the hot bead harden more against my tongue, and she rewarded me with gasps of pleasure. "Oh, papi," Emma moaned. "I want you."

Her hands groped at my waist to guide my sweatpants down my legs. I straightened a little to make it easier. Emma only had to bend over slightly to reach my boxers and guide them down, revealing the firm shaft that bounce towards her. Emma licked her plump lips, then opened her mouth to guide me between them. It was my turn to groan as she sucked me deeper and deeper into her mouth. I let my hands rest on the back of her head, guiding it back and forth as it coaxed me further into hardness.

As her hot mouth glided over me, I knew I wouldn't be able to take it much longer. I needed her. I gently disengaged her from my shaft and brought her mouth up to kiss her again. I feasted on her lips as I let my hands glide down her smooth back until they came to the soft, round globes at the base.

I pushed upwards, cupping a cheek in both hands, until I hoisted Emma up into the air. She seemed to weigh almost nothing. Emma wrapped her legs around me, locking her feet together in the small of my back. She leaned back against the wall as she pressed her lips against mine in a passionate kiss. I felt her wetness gliding over my rigid shaft. I lifted her higher until the tip of my manhood found its way into her, and then let her settle down onto me.

Emma's legs tightened as she threw her head back and groaned. "Oh, yes. Oh, you feel so good, papi!"

Her voice pierced my heart with her desire. I braced her up against the wall of the kitchen and pushed into her, bouncing her on my lap with my hands and thighs. I felt her sneakers dig into the small of my back as she matched my thrusts with her legs. We moved together, slowly and steadily, while we kissed passionately.

I felt her hips quiver and her legs tighten around my waist as her orgasm swept through her. She whimpered softly into my mouth as it gripped her body, then left her limp on my thrusting lap. I slid her down off my legs to the floor.

Emma staggered a little on unsteady legs, looking up at me with wide eyes. "Are we done already?"

"Not quite." I turned her around to admire the beautiful roundness of her ass. I could smell her musk as I bent her over on my kitchen counter, spreading the cheeks wider to expose her glistening slit.

Emma moaned as she stretched herself out on the linoleum. "How did you know I like it from behind?"

"Because the feeling is mutual."

With her waist resting on the edge of the counter, her legs didn't even reach the floor. Emma was left dangling on the counter like a hinge, looking over her shoulder at me. I brushed her long hair away from her back as I came up behind her and slid myself deep into her from behind. Emma cried out as I pushed into her.

"Oh, that's it," Emma moaned. "Do it deep, papi. Fill me up with your hot white cock."

Her hands reached out to grip the kitchen counter as I thrust into her. Her large breasts swept across my counter as I moved back and forth. Her beautiful round butt cheeks rippled in front of me with every impact, leaving me to ride the wave in again. I felt her legs twitching against the kitchen counter underneath her. Her tiny toes clawed at the wood like fingers, trying to hold her steady. I ran my hands up her soft, arching back to grip her shoulders and pull her closer to me.

Her wetness stroked every inch of my manhood like velvet. The sight of her trembling body spread before me pushed me closer and closer to the edge. And when she looked over her shoulder at me with those brown eyes, half-closed with passion, her plump lips parted in ecstasy, I knew I couldn't hold back any longer.

I forced myself up deep into her, all the way until my pubic hair tickled the back of her thighs, and let go. My warm semen spurted deep up inside her. Emma's teeth clenched and her upper lip curled into a snarl as she came again. Her legs twitched with each spasm of her body and rattled the doors of my counter. The tightness of her squeezed every last drop into her heated depths. I felt our juices oozing out to coat the back of her thighs.

Emma sank down and lay on the kitchen counter, gasping for breath. I hunched over and planted tender kisses up her spine until I reached her neck and nuzzled it. We just lay there in the fading light of our pleasure for a long time.

Emma was the one to break the spell, sitting up hard and pushing me off. "Oh, fuck, I gotta get goin'. There's a stopped-up toilet in Building C that I gotta get to today."

As she wriggled down to the floor, I couldn't help feeling a little disappointed at how quickly our encounter had ended. I chuckled and murmured, "Nothing like pillow talk."

Emma reached a hand up to stroke the muscles on my chest. "Oh, baby, I'm sorry. That was so good. I wanna stay and do it again, but I'm on the clock."

She scurried over to step into her panties and slip them over her thighs. "But that was real nice, just the kind of fun I was lookin' for."

When Emma slipped her T-shirt over her head, her face popped out of the collar with a knowing smile. "I was kinda hoping things would work out this way. And hoping it could work out again?"

I sighed with relief at the knowledge that she wasn't disappearing out of my life. I slipped an arm around her waist and pulled her close to kiss her. "Definitely."

"Great." Emma jumped a little as she tugged on her jeans, then grabbed a pen, scribbled a number on the repair order sheet, and handed it to me. "But next time, don't wait for a broken sink to call me."