The Casino Party

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They'd been toying with one another all evening. Charles hadn't been able to keep his eyes off the woman. He didn’t recall ever meeting such a woman like her around the art gallery or any of the other circles of friends who made up the party that night. She was of an average height, but carried herself with an easy blend of elegance and mischieviousness such that she stood out. Poise and playfulness, Charles thought. Curiosity won out, and Charles found himself asking different friends about her.

He found out her name was Helen, and she was an old friend of their hostess. Tracking Mary down, Charles tapped her lightly on the shoulder and asked, “What can you tell me about your friend Helen?”

Mary grinned at him and sipped her champagne. “Which Helen would that be?” she asked in return. “I know several, after all.”

Charles narrowed his gaze. “I think you know. The black lady wearing the velour shirt-dress, and the high heels that make you just want to rub her ankles and calves for hours, ring a bell?”

"Would you like an introduction?" Mary asked.

"No, well, not yet...let me see if I need one first," Charles answered.

"Funny, that's what she said when she asked about you," Mary remarked with a laugh and another grin. She then disappeared back into the crowd of the party. Mary did parties well. The apartment complex’ clubhouse had been transformed into a miniature casino. Bars had been set up in most of the major rooms, and each area also sported two or three tables where gaming was taking place.

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After Mary’s comment, Charles had turned to regard Helen and found her looking him over. He straightened his posture just a bit, and smoothed out his shirt and tie. He brushed a hand through the shadow of beard already forming on his chin, and wondered if he still looked okay. A little late to do anything about it, he thought.

The party was a nice mix of casualness and nightclub dress, more casual than he'd thought it would be, but at least he was in a sport jacket and not a tux. Tuxedos always made him feel out of place, no matter how well he knew the people around him. Charles shifted his position and took a fresh drink from a passing server. He used the mirrored surface of a nearby wall to check Helen out.

Helen appeared to be around five and a half feet tall, not quite a foot shorter than him, and had a nicely padded body. She wasn't the so-called pear shape, but she was more voluptuous than was the current style for her height. Charles liked how her breasts looked, but his eyes kept dropping to the curves of her hips and thighs where the fabric of her dress clung. He wished he had an excuse to walk around behind her.

Charles then realized there was an appetizer tray on the table just behind Helen and to the side. Perfect, he thought. Charles slipped over to fix himself a small paper plate of cheese-laden crackers, and turned to check Helen out from this new angle.

Naturally, she caught him looking.

Since that point, Charles and Helen had slowly been finding ways to pass close by or stand where they could watch one another mostly unimpeded by the other party guests. He would be chatting with this friend or that and letting his eyes lose their focus to see beyond his current company to where Helen was engaged in the same sort of activity across the room. He would stop at the bar for a new drink and turn around just as Helen was doing the same at the other end. They would meet eyes and laugh softly.

Mary, as might be expected, watched the whole thing over the course of a couple of hours. Finally, with a shake of her head, she took Helen by the hand and led her out into the middle of one of the main gaming areas. She stopped at Charles' side as he watched the craps game before him and occasionally placed a bet. Mary tapped his shoulder, gave him a little nudge, and leaned in to kiss his cheek. "It was cute for the first thirty minutes. Now it's just silly,” she said. “Helen, this is Charles. Charles...Helen. Now, say hello or something."

Helen flashed a pageant winner's smile at him. "Hello..."

"Or something," finished Charles with a wink. He took Helen's hand. "A pleasure...hi there." He then leaned in and gently kissed her cheek, then handed her the dice.

"Is it my turn, then?"

"It is if you want."

"Fine, but keep talking, I'd hate for Mary to have gone through that trouble for nothing." She shook the dice and tossed them to the table's end. The croupier gave them back and told her nine was the point.

"Yeah, me too. I'm not going to be distracting you, am I?"

Helen rattled the dice in her hand and turned her warm, brown eyes on Charles more directly. "Yes, I hope so," she said with a bit of a giggle, leaning close to throw the dice again and rubbing her hip against him.

Charles slid a hand over her hip and caressed his way along the small of Helen's back. "Good. I wouldn't want to disappoint you so soon." The sound of the dice being scooped and handed back to Helen was lost on him for a moment. Then the click of chips being stacked before them registered. "You won, throw again," he said.

The warm whisper in his ear made his awakening crotch much more alert. Helen threw the dice a third time as she softly told him, “You keep playing with my ass like that, and I may not be the only winner.”

He chuckled and smoothed his hand through the soft surface of velour covering Helen’s behind. From the corner of his eye, he saw the tumbling dice strike the wall and settle on a pair of ones. “Snake eyes, your turn’s up.”

“Is it?” Helen smiled to the dealer as she turned away from the craps table. She slipped an arm around Charles’ waist and brought him away with her. He left his hand resting somewhere between the top of one curvy cheek and the small of Helen’s back, just about at her hip, and let her lead him through the room and into one of the hallways between playing areas.

She turned to him once they were in the shadows and looked him in the eye. “Let’s be upfront. It’s been fun flirting with you all night, but I want to know why you were drawn to me.” She let another impish grin escape and leaned in to kiss his neck. “Or are you always this easy?”

Charles laughed and gently shrugged his shoulders. “Well, at first it was just they way you held yourself. Then physical stuff like your eyes, your smile,” he paused to grin at her, ”your tits...kicked in, and I was interested enough to check you out more closely.” He kissed her cheek and pulled her closer to him. One leg eased itself between Helen’s thighs and slowly rubbed its kneecap against the thin bit of fabric covering her mound.

Helen purred at the touch and sank her weight onto Charles’ knee. “That feels good,” she purred.

“That’s nothing. Just wait until I can sit you down somewhere. Let you feel my warm breath on your thigh as I slowly lick my way between your legs…” Helen interrupted him to plant her mouth on his and suck his tongue into her own. As they broke for air, Charles chuckled. “I take it you like the idea?”

Helen looked around the hall and leaned back to peer down to where it entered the two rooms to either side of them. Then she stepped back from Charles and took his hand. “In here,” she urged as she took him by one hand and opened a door across the hall from where they had been kissing.

He followed her in and glanced about. The room appeared to be a rather small meeting area. It held a tiny sidebar along one wall, a trashcan, potted plant, and a short conference table. He smiled knowingly as Helen turned back to face him and raised an eyebrow. “Does this answer the question?”

“Not as much as you climbing up there would.”

Helen nodded and eased her ass and thighs up onto the edge of the table and slid back just enough to not be in danger of falling off. She leaned her body onto her hands and spread her legs. Even in the dim light filtering through the blinds covering the room’s window, Charles could clearly see what his hand had told him earlier.

Helen wasn’t wearing underwear.

Not even a thong covered her as Charles dropped to his knees to begin making his way along her thighs to explore her nakedness with lips and tongue. His fingers led the way. The back of his hand pushed the soft fabric of her dress higher up, more out of the way, and he breathed hotly against Helen’s skin.

Helen stirred at the warm air rolling over her flesh. “Mmm, that’s nice. Can you see how wet you’re making me?” she asked. “Feel my moistness,” Helen told Charles.

He rubbed a finger through her folds. He felt how slick Helen was and brought his face closer to let his tongue replace his finger. He dabbed it here and there amidst the wetness of her pussy. Helen gave a slight quiver and spread her legs wider before him. Charles took the space to press his face further in. He spread her lips with his left hand and began to licking at the pinkness within the dark flesh.

Charles hadn’t voiced it to Helen earlier, but now that he had her open beneath him, and could see the difference between her rich, cocoa toned skin and the pale, lightly tanned surface of his own, he realized what she had been asking him. He didn't return to the question right away; although, now that it was in his mind, he wondered if he'd been drawn to Helen because of the novelty of her being black.

He drew his tongue slowly through her, and Helen responded with a series of deep moans. Her lips stayed partially open and her head lolled back, her body dropping from hands to resting on her forearms for better support. Charles eased his tongue inside and caressed her from within. He then pulled it back and sucked gently at each petal in turn. He casually licked Helen, and murmured to himself as he took in more and more of the juices that had begun to flow in earnest.

He swallowed them down and spread her just a bit more. The neatly trimmed hair of her bush was tightly coiled and was an unusual sensation against his hand, fingers, lips and chin. He'd kissed and played touchy-feely games with black women, but had never been this intimate before.

“Were you asking if I was playing...if I’m here now...because you’re black?” he finally voiced as he continued to lick her and lap at her pussy. He pulled back to trace little teasing lines about her inner thigh.

Helen sighed,”Mmmmmm, yeah, I was. I’m sorry, but parties like this...well, I’ve been mistaken before about what someone wanted.” Another low moan escaped her lips and she ground her hips slowly closer to Charles’ face.

Charles shifted his body a bit and opened his mouth to envelop Helen's pussy and sucked slowly while letting his tongue slip inside her once more. He sucked her for a moment, then closed his mouth and lips on different pieces of her pussy...fold by fold, he toyed with her as he came closer and closer to her clit. Charles rolled his tongue about her, caressed the hood, but didn't actually touch it...yet.

On the table, before and above him, Helen's body squirmed. Her hands passed over his head, and she seemed to be fighting the urge to pull Charles' hair. She let her hands fall palms down on the surface of the table as she anticipated what was coming.

As expected, Charles teasingly flicked his tongue at her hard clit...just a few times, in a firm but not violent manner...while he let a pair of fingers make their way inside her. He felt the way she kept pulsing about them...gripping the exploring digits and squeezing them as they slid in and out of her. "Oh God," Helen said as she tried to move further towards the table's edge. "I want you so badly, but don't want you to stop what you're doing."

Charles merely trapped her clit between his lips and sucked at it. He felt the quiver of it against the tip of his tongue. He murmured agreement with Helen's words and smiled at how that sound made her jump as it reverberated through her flesh. Helen's breathing quickened and she whispered through another series of moans. "You're going to make me come."

"That's the idea baby. Come for me," Charles whispered back. "Come all over me...get me good and wet." He returned to her clit, just briefly, then let his attention move back to the rest of Helen's pussy. Lips and tongue caressed all the fleshy bits, slowly, while his fingers pumped in and out of her and his thumb took over on her clit. He rubbed it, fingered her, and savored the sweet tang of the new flow of cream that rushed out of Helen into his mouth and down his chin.

Charles scooted down and allowed Helen's legs to settle onto his shoulders and then raised her up slightly and buried his face in her pussy. Her hips and body writhed in a wash of ecstacy; and when it had crested, Charles rose up and undid his slacks to let them simply fall to his knees and reveal how the scent and taste of her had aroused him.

He took his hard cock in his right hand and placed it at her entrance. He settled into place above Helen's torso, and sank himself into the fire between her legs. Charles' sighed as he slid deeply into Helen, who cooed and brought a hand to his face. She caressed her way along his jaw and then behind his neck to bring their lips together. They kissed, sharing the lingering taste of Helen's juices as Charles opened his mouth to her and ran his tongue between them.

It ran over her lips and gently seperated them, letting him take it into his mouth and sucking on it briefly before he opened once more and kissed Helen deeper than before. Helen arched her back trying to bring herself closer than ever to Charles. She let out a low moan as her hard nipples rubbed themselves against her dress as their chests met.

Charles began to move in and out of Helen. He broke the kiss and rose up from her body, sliding his left arm down her side and then under her leg to lift it and let it rest flat against his body. Helen sighed and shifted beneath him as Charles' action opened her up even more.

"Oooooo...yessssssssssssssss," she cried out. "So so good..."

Charles echoed her in his groaning. "I'm going" His words fell away as his body began the shuddering and twitching that Charles knew always marked an impending orgasm. Swallowing a sudden mouthful of saliva, he let out a low growl, "Ohhhh fuck yeah..."

Helen joined in as she almost shouted, "Yessssss, fuck me..." She felt the throbbing of Charles' cock deep inside her. Moaned as my walls tightened to milk him as Charles' cum shot out within her throbbing pussy. Helen's body trembled as she exploded into another orgasm of her own.

Squrting a final time, Charles twitched and moaned each time Helen squeezed his cock. "Mmm, Helen...damnnnn," he said. He dropped more onto his forearms as he settled against Helen upon the table. He could feel the pulse in his very toes as his legs and feet tried to curl.

Helen laughed. "Uh huh, damn," she agreed as Charles laid on top of her. Her body was weak from one of the most intense orgasms she could remember having. Charles didn't speak, but rested his head against her shoulder, kissed her cheek, and then turned onto his back and rolled Helen over onto his chest. He grinned at the way his semihardness twitched within her. Helen giggled lightly, but didn't move except to give him a squeeze.

"Oh, not now...I may break something," Charles admonished her.

She smiled and nodded. "You and me both," she agreed. " know I'm going to want more of this...of you." Charles murmured an agreement just as there came a light knocking at the door.

"Everything okay in there?" said a voice that might have been Mary's.

Charles laughed. "Just fine. Everything's just fine."