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I love watching her in the kitchen. The precision with which her hands move as she prepares even the simplest of dishes is nothing short of sensual. She is truly dedicated to food, taste, and art.

We have been friends since grade school, so it surprised no one when we got an apartment together during our second year of college. We were compatible - the best of friends, and our talents complimented each other's. Furthermore, neither of us was in committed relationships which allowed us both freedom within the apartment.

One Saturday, I slept in as usual. By the time I showered and dressed, it was already past noon. My door faced the kitchen, and when I walked out, I stopped dead. I had to shake my head to assure myself of what I saw. Amy was standing in the kitchen sautéing onions wearing nothing but an apron. Her shapely body was revealed from the nape of her neck to her ankles broken only by her apron string and bow The bow hung loosely curving along her bottom and hanging loosely to her knees.

I tiptoed behind her, gave her apron string a friendly tug and whispered, "Who was here last night?"

She jumped about a foot when her apron came loose. "Jake," she laughed threatening me with a spoon coated with hot oil.

"Jake? I thought you didn't like him'

"I don't, I just thought I'd give him a chance to not talk."

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We had a good laugh. Jake looked okay, but he tended to drone on about statistics in the most boring way possible. "You know," I observed, "Jake is smart, good-looking, nice, and dedicated. He'd be perfect for you if he had a personality."

She had to put the spoon down, she was laughing so hard. "Personality isn't the only thing he lacks," she picked up the spoon and started moving the onions again, "You know for someone who appreciates statistics so much, he should be better in bed. There are only so many places to try."

She sighed and rolled her eyes. The heat from the stove made her skin flush, turning her face the color of a freshly picked, ripe, Georgia peach. "Why don't guys get it? Every time I'm with one, he takes the fact that we're both naked to mean I'm already satisfied and am just waiting to satisfy him."

The stirring continued for a moment then she reached over, turned the stove off, and spun around to face me. "Look at me," she said exasperated, "I don't even know what I'm making. I said goodbye to him this morning and just didn't bother getting dressed after my shower. I'm so damn horny!"

I had never heard her speak that way. I was surprised, but not enough to overlook that despite the heat in the kitchen, her nipples were fully erect. "Amy you have plenty of toys to help with that." We had picked out vibrators together just weeks after moving in together.

"I know, but it's just not the same without someone. Without flesh and blood, the desire never goes away. Beyond that, no guy I know cares about anything but what he wants."

"Amy, you have to take care of this, honey," I indicated her peaking apron accidentally brushing the tip of her nipple.

Her body jerked and trembled. "Oh, God, I'm sorry!" I blushed, embarrassed partially that I had touched her so personally, but mostly because her convulsion of desire had made me throb, "I didn't mean..."

"It's all right," she interrupted, "You've just proved my point. The fact that a single touch from a person can bring that reaction just show how desperate I am."

I didn't know if that was an insult or not and I was contemplating this when she embraced me. Her nipples pressed through her apron of thin fabric against my chest. She nestled into the crook of my neck.

I didn't know what to do. My throbbing was increasing. As each of her breaths fell on my neck, I could feel the moisture between my legs growing. I shifted uneasily thinking about what would happen if my best friend realized what was happening to me.

The shift rubbed her sensitive peaks causing another tremor and her breath quickened. I had to stop this, but I couldn't pull away. We were friends after all; besides, I wanted to be close to her right then.

Her soft breath was coming rapidly now, intermixed with soft moans. She shifted against me trembling. I moistened my lips and drew a ragged breath.

As suddenly as the embrace had begun, she drew away from me and met my eyes with hers. Her blue eyes seemed black from the size of her pupils. For a moment, I was afraid she knew what I was thinking and would be angry. Instead, she brushed my cheek and kissed my lips gently. "You're a good friend," she said softly, "I'll just go to my room."

She turned to leave, but I stopped her suddenly not caring what she thought of my feelings. I kissed her, lingering a bit, then drew back to judge her reaction. She was surprised but leaned in to me again and kissed me hard. Our breath mingled, coming rapidly, our tongues intertwined. We nibbled each others lips and allowed our hands to explore each other's bodies.

We came apart breathing hard. She swallowed, "Would you mind..."

"No," I replied quickly. I knew what she wanted, "I wouldn't."

She led me to her room. The yellow and blue décor that was so familiar to me seemed like a foreign land in the present situation. I closed the door behind me nervously. She turned around, biting her lip. It was obvious she was as apprehensive as I was. I kissed her again to alleviate tension, and it seemed that the angst in her lips melted in to my own.

Her soft hands moved down by back and lifted up the bottom of my shirt. "No," I stopped her from lifting it over my head, "this is for you. I want to please you. If you were trying to please me, wouldn't I be the same as all the guys?"

"I want you naked," she said softly, "I think it would be weird if you had all your clothes on."

We stopped short. Both of us realized that the situation could not be weirder - two best girlfriends in the Bible Belt were kissing in one of their rooms. We laughed off the feeling. "Okay," I agreed, "but the aim stays the same. Do you agree?"

"Yes," she was impatient, "yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. Are you happy now?"

"Not yet," I lifted the apron strap over her head and let the cloth fall to the floor, "but now I am."

She stood naked before me now - her breasts heaving with breaths of anticipation, her body trembling waiting for rapture. I glanced down her body from the swell of her breasts to the curve of her tiny waist and supple hips. The curly blonde hair where her legs joined matched the long locks on her head. I stepped forward and cupped her left breast in my hand. I rubbed my thumb against her still stiff peak enjoying how I had to catch her when her legs gave out in ecstasy.

I led my best friend to her bed and kissed her neck tenderly. The second time I kissed it; I allowed my tongue to slip from my mouth and then followed her collarbone down the center of her body. I was beginning to feel more natural in my role now and allowed her to lift my t-shirt over my head and unhook my bra.

I pulled my arms from the bra and continued my trip down Amy's body. I kissed every inch of her chest leading myself to the peaks at the end of her breasts. I took the right one in my mouth and rubbed the other with my thumb.

She collapsed onto the bed, pulling her breasts from my reach. "Damn!" She cried as she fell, "that felt so fucking good!"

I laughed at her expletive. Amy just wasn't the kind of girl to spout the "F" word - I'd never heard her say it in the ten years I'd known her. She moved on the bed so that her head was near the pillow, and I lowered myself down between her legs. I saw moisture gathering on her pubic hair and made a little myself as I realized I was responsible for its presence.

I ran my fingertips lightly along the inside of her ankle all the way to where her thigh joined her body. She moaned enjoying the sensation. I moved my hand to her waist bypassing her cleft. I wasn't ready for this time to be over. I wanted to savor it and have her enjoy it to her fullest. As I began to lean over her to resume my work on her nipples, she stopped me - holding my body up with the palms of her hands. "Your clothes," she whispered, "please."

I stopped. Before I could reach my jeans, her hands were already at the button. She unzipped me and pushed the waistband down below my bottom. I sat up and edged the jeans onto the floor and followed them with my panties. "Is this better Amy?" I asked her.

"Yeah, thanks," she looked embarrassed that she could have asked me such a thing.

The look quickly passed as I leaned over her, my thigh between her legs, straddling her. I kissed her nipple again and proceeded to tease it lightly with my tongue. As I continued the capture of her heaving breast, I began to rub and pinch the other. I held her right hand while I assaulted her nipples. She squeezed my hand as she began to moan louder and louder.

I stopped playing with her nipples and kissed down her belly then back up to her neck. As I took her mouth for the first time since we entered her bed, my leg rubbed her mound. She jerked, and I felt her wetness increase onto my leg. Her back arched, and her leg came up between mine. The kiss stopped abruptly. "Meg, you're wet," she said breathlessly.

"So are you," I said. Not the most astute observation, but it's what I had right then.

"Yeah, but," she paused, "you're doing things to me."

"Doing things to you is doing things to me."

I began realizing what a stupid and redundant conversation we were having. I was on top of her. Neither of our legs had moved, yet all we could do was talk about the moisture we were both feeling.

She blushed. "This is turning you on? Why?"

"Amy you're beautiful, and you're my best friend. I don't want to..."

"Oh, stop it! We're in this position, tell me why this turns you on, and we'll finish it okay?"

"Amy, I've felt this way since we taught each other to kiss in eighth grade. I keep dating guys hoping that they'll feel as right as you did that night, but none of them have."

She gaped at me, "You've felt this way for seven years, and you never found time to tell me? What the Hell, Meg?"

"I didn't want to freak you out. I was afraid if you knew, you wouldn't be friends with someone who wants to sleep with you."

"And the fact that I'm friends with guys that have the same feelings didn't occur to you?"

"No. They're guys; I'm not," I finished lamely observing the obvious. "Please don't freak out. I'm only trying to help you. I know what girls want - I am one. Just let me help."

She relaxed, "Okay, I'll let you finish - on one condition."

I was waiting for the hammer to fall. She was going to make me move out. She'd never speak to me again. I was going to lose my best friend and first love. "Anything, Amy, just name it."

"When you're done, let me return the favor.'

I stopped dead. She wanted to play with me as a lover. How could I deny her? I'd already promised anyway. I nodded swallowing hard and leaned down to kiss her again.

She gave in to my kiss and returned it now with her leg firmly between mine. I leaned my leg into her wetness and rubbed her with it. I had to make her cry out with pleasure; I just had to. My kiss moved from her mouth to her jaw and down the center of her neck. I continued down the middle of her breasts. Releasing her hand, I tweaked both nipples simultaneously. Her back arched again, and she moaned loudly.

Now, I felt, I was ready to truly pleasure her. I moved my right hand from her nipple to her cleft. The moisture was intense now. I probed her, putting my finger in her very slightly then looking up to see how she would react. She was watching me, but when I entered her, her head fell on the pillow and a groan escaped her lips.

This, I took to be a good sign. I pushed into her with one finger, and she arched toward me plunging my finger completely into her. I drew it out and was stunned by the amount of fluid that shimmered in the dim light from the window. "More?" I asked softly.

She nodded biting her lip. I pushed two fingers into her now. She cried out. I pumped my fingers in and out of her feeling her tighten around me. My thumb came up to the tip of her cleft and began to rub gently.

Now, she was crying out constantly; getting louder with each thrust of my fingers. I moved my thumb away from her nib, to see what she would do. "No!" she screamed, "No! Don't stop!"

I brushed against her nib to quiet her and kissed above her hair. The fingers of my left hand still lay on her breast, but I had stopped playing with her nipples when I thrust my fingers into her. I pinched softly and rubbed her nipple between my fingers. As I pinched her, I kissed above her pubic hair once again then started to move down kissing her curls. When I came to her cleft, I kissed her nib and felt her jerk against me and tighten around my fingers. My tongue slipped between my lips to taste her. She almost screamed. I flicked her nib right and left. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I realized I had no idea what I was doing; I also realized I didn't care. I licked her, tasting her as she became more and more aroused. My fingers were removed from her and I dried them on the bed. I moved my hand to her left breast and began to play with both nipples simultaneously again.

My tongue continued to move against her most private of parts. She began to cry my name. "Meg, don't stop! Oh, God, Meg!"

Suddenly, she gripped my hair, and I realized she was almost at a peak. I licked faster; I pinched a bit harder. My tongue moved not only on her nib, now, but to her hole making her cry out louder.

She was jerking against me breathing hard. I moved faster wanting her to be satisfied. I owed satisfaction to her as my friend and even more as my lover. I pulled my hand from her nipple and entered her again. I used three this time. I filled her up, but didn't stretch her. I curved them upward. "Tell me where," I said taking a break for my tongue.

"You mean it gets better?" she gasped and smiled a bit. I pushed up against the top of her vagina to demonstrate. I moved down bit by bit until she cried out again. "There! There! Oh, God!"

I pressed up again and again, and then continued my previous position at her clitoris. Her level of arousal was rising fast. I wanted to push her to the edge and beyond; I wanted to give her supreme pleasure. I nibbled a bit on her nib pushing her farther. My hand worked on her breast while the other inside her.

Suddenly, she grasped my hair hard, pulling me further toward her. She was peaking. At the top of her orgasm, she screamed my name. I licked her until she pushed me away from overstimulation. I moved from between her legs to be side by side.

She was panting from the orgasm, her hand on her chest, "Meg, have you done that before?"


"Have you ever had a guy do that to you before?"

"How many guys have you seen me bring home?"

"Well, you could have done it away from here."

"Amy, you know guys. No guy has ever done that to me."

"What about a girl?"

"You're the first girl I've been with."

"Then how did you know what to do?"

"I'm a girl; I know what a girl wants," I smiled and winked.

She kissed me. I was surprised that she would, considering where my mouth had just been. A giggle escaped her, "It tastes funny."

"No, it tastes good. It's you."

She blushed bright red. "Thank you that was the best orgasm I've ever had."

"Anything for you Amy. Anything." I began to get up.

"Wait," she grabbed my shoulder, "You made me a promise."

"I thought you'd want some time to rest."

"Lay down," she pulled me back onto the bed, "It's my turn now."

I was amazed that Amy still had energy after the strong orgasm she had just had under my tongue. But here she was, wanting to pleasure me. I wanted her, but I didn't want her to feel like she had to - I had taken her to relieve her sexual tension, not so she would reciprocate.

"Meg, that was the best sex of my life." She had a seductive smile on her naturally red lips that were now swollen from kissing. She slapped her polished nails over her mouth, "Oh, God, I never thought I'd say that to a girl," her hand dropped and the smile returned, "but I'm glad it's you I get to say it to."

Amy and I had been going to school together since kindergarten - something possible in small towns. We had hated each other until our middle school days when some god in scheduling had put us in every single class together. We were so close we were practically sisters. The thought of sisters lying naked in bed and having post-coital pillow talk made me laugh silently.

"I'm glad you liked it, sweetheart. Do you feel better now?" I was hoping to relax her so she didn't feel obligated to return the favor.

"Hell, yeah!" her seductive smile turned into a wide grin, "I want to do you now!"

This was confirmation enough that she didn't feel she had to - she really wanted to. I pulled her swollen lips in for a deep kiss. I knew she would taste herself on my lips again, and it turned me on. She returned the kiss taking it deeper and making our tongues meet. Her hands began to explore my body, following my curves and caressing me. She reached my hips and kneaded my butt making me groan. Then she followed my stomach back up to my breasts and settled there. Her hands began massaging my breasts as her fingers teased my nipples. My pussy had been wet from pleasuring her before, but it was noting compared to now. I had a stream wetting my legs and my butt. I had started to give myself over to the pleasure when I heard, from what seemed far away in the distance, my watch alarm begin to sound.

That broke the trance. I sat up fast almost knocking Amy over. "What? What's wrong? Did I hurt you?" She seemed really worried.

"Shit! I'm late for Calc!" I checked my watch, "It just started. I have to go; I'm already having enough trouble in there."

Without another word, I jumped into my clothes and was out the front door with my books before I realize that I had just left my best friend sitting naked on her bed - alone.