Alone In My Bed

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My husband works away all week. So we are both alone in our beds at night and we both have to relax ourselves. I wrote this for him and then I sent it tucked in to his suitcase with a nice worn pair of my silky panties. My husband can then read this while he is away and masturbate while smelling me and my panties.

Alone in my bed

I'm in our bed, all alone and I'm really trying to sleep -- but I can't. I miss him and I have to put a pillow where he usually lies.

Wearing a pretty pink sheer vest and panties and I just can't seem to sleep. I keep turning over, wriggling and rolling about. I long for his body next to mine. I long for his touch, his kisses and his body!

As I think of him and what we could be doing if he was here - I feel an ache in between my legs. It's throbbing; it keeps pulsing and pounding away. My nipples are hard and poking through the sheer pink see through vest. I can feel the sheer nylon of my panties pressing in to me tightly, rubbing next to my smooth mound every time I move. I can feel my body getting hot and in between my legs engorging as I close my eyes and dream of licking his beautiful erect swollen cock.

My mind is alive with a wanton desire that controls my body. Such sexual thoughts of us flash through my mind.

I imagine I'm leaning over him, kissing him with my tongue in his mouth, then working down his body I'm kissing down until I'm licking his shaft. Then, I'm teasing his beautiful hard cock with my tongue.

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I'm actually softly moaning out loud as I have to squeeze my legs together. Clenching and trying to ease the pressure. But, it just presses my inner lips and my labia rings into my fleshy now very moist and sticky lips. My clit is hardening and feels like it's actually swelling.

Eyes closed -- imagining that I'm licking him, I'm expertly flicking and swirling my tongue all around the rim of his sensitive head, licking his thick hard cock. What joy and what a rush of excitement I get from pleasuring him like this. I love to feel the shape of him on my mouth, across my lips and with my tongue.

I'm opening my mouth and sucking and slurping on his delicious throbbing cock. I can feel his cock swelling and literally throbbing in my mouth as I suck on him greedily and hungrily. He knows I love it; he can see and feel my pleasure.

I can feel myself getting wetter and wetter as I suck his red hot erect cock deep down my throat. I want to suck him, to pleasure him totally with my mouth -until I make him cum in big spurts right down my throat. Pumping his creamy salty hot cum into me. Then I want to swallow it all down.

I can feel his urgency, his need as I suck, I can feel his hands on my head and in my hair. He pulls me closer and closer, he is urging me to suck him faster as he caresses my soft blonde hair in his fingers. Oh my god I just love to pleasure and please him like this -- it turns me on massively!

I feel his cock dripping its sweet sticky pre cum into my mouth and onto my tongue - pure nectar! I'm kissing, licking and sucking his cock now as if my life depends on having it! He tastes mighty fine, so sweet and like a sticky honey that's all stringy as I try to lap it all up and not waste a single drop. I know I'm exciting and pleasing him as I totally worship his cock with my mouth. As I suck him, I look up and in to his eyes. He can see my pleasure. I know that he just loves to watch the expression in my eyes as his cock disappears into my mouth and down my throat!

His greedy little cock sucker.

He pulls away and lifts me to position me on to the edge of the bed, I love his hands on my body, I love his touch. I know exactly what he wants. I'm tilting my head right back obediently. This position enables me to open my mouth wider and it opens my throat up for him. He stands and straddles my face until he is pushing his big hard throbbing cock into my mouth. He starts to fuck my face fast and hard. His full heavy balls slap against my head as I suck on him. I take him right down my throat. I know this position sends him wild with desire.

He decides to save his cum. He wants all of me. He doesn't want to come too soon. He stops me sucking his cock when he can stand the pleasure no more.

He again lifts me and moves me onto the middle of the bed. He slowly parts my legs as he watches my labia spreading before his eyes. He looks longingly right in to me, as if he can see inside me. I can see from his eyes he is thoroughly enjoying the sight and scent of my smooth wet peachy cunt. He is enjoying looking at the state that he has got me in to. He must feel satisfied that he has had this effect on me, he has made me ripe and juicy for the taking and just from being his greedy little cock sucker!

His finger traces slowly and softly down my lips, over my exposed clit hood, over my wet hot hole. He softly opens my outer labia to spread me open so that he can see all of me. He looks at how my creamy juices of arousal just trickle out of my highly excited sex. His finger stops and he presses gently against my tight puckered little arsehole. His long slim finger is wet from my juices, as he presses firmly. Until his finger just easily slips into me. He makes me cry out in sheer pleasure and I'm whimpering out loud. He whispers in my ear "Sweetheart, now you are ready to take all of my hard cock and have my entire spunky load." The sensation of his breath against my ear and my neck sends shivers down my spine and tingles right down to my engorged clit.

Suddenly I feel him on top of me, passionately kissing me and nibbling on my neck. He knows this sends me over the edge, sends me past the point of no return. Into an animalistic passion of none stop sexual desire.

He is opening my legs and spreading them wider. I can feel the tip of his wet sticky cock just nudging against my cunt hole. He feels so big, ridged and hard.

I'm lifting my bottom up to try to take him. I need him to penetrate me now.

But he delights in teasing me. He backs off and then he presses again and he keeps repeating this process until I'm begging him for his cock.

"Please please fuck me, please give it to me, please fuck it up me, I need it now please!"

I'm screaming and crying at him - such an unstoppable desperate need now to feel him enter me, to feel him take me. Suddenly, I feel his fullness, his thick hard cock, his bulbous knob entering me, his fraenum ring pushing slowly into my tight wet cunt. I'm shaking and taking him deep as he slowly fucks it up me. He is fucking me slowly and deeply. He almost slips out of my wet cunt as I feel my wetness soaking his balls, then he pushes it right back up and into me deeply.

I'm looking in to his eyes, he is looking in to mine, we can see in to each other's very soul. I'm holding that look with him as we become one and rock together, fucking and giving ourselves to the other.

Our sex fills the air. The sound of our wet sex is all that can be heard.

I'm melting into his eyes as I feel my whole body start to shake, tremble and quiver. He grunts and moans out in lust as his face looks in pain. I watch him getting closer and closer as my cunt starts to tighten and milk him, I'm contracting, I'm coming and coming so forcefully on his cock. Crying out loudly, as my cunt goes in to spasm. Clenching over and over as it grips on to his cock tightly. I feel him explode jet after jet of hot cum spurting deep inside me, pumping and pumping. The sweat trickling off his forehead and onto my body My body is glowing all over with my orgasmic flush. He leans into me and relaxes on top of me. I wrap my legs tightly around him. Holding on to him as the last quivers of my orgasm subside. I also hold on tight because I don't want his cock to come out of me. I want to keep him and his jism inside of me.

I kiss his hot moist face. He kisses mine and as we both try to catch our breath, I manage a whisper

"Thank you my darling!"

Before falling straight off to sleep, exhausted spent and satisfied.