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Sally's Small Breasts Chapter 02

Saturday Morning Benefits

Back in college and shortly after, people coming and going became a common thing. At random times of the day/week/month, people would find their way to our apartment and just come and go. It was not uncommon for people who didn't live there to be in the living room when I came home from work, playing a video game on the TV or listening to the stereo. Kelly was one of the people who gravitated to our place over a year's time.

Kelly lived upstairs for most of the time my roommate and I had lived in the apartment and was a lot of fun to hang around. One afternoon, she walked downstairs with a different look on her face and asked to talk to us. She had just finished her undergrad and was to start her masters in a few months up in Maine. Her roommate just graduated and was moving to Texas to take a new job and their lease was up. Kelly didn't want to move to Maine already but didn't have a place to stay. She asked if she could move some of her clothes into one of our rooms and if she could crash on the futon in the living room. She had a part time job as a waitress but couldn't afford to keep her place by herself, especially for two months. Mark and I said OK without even thinking about it. Mark had always sort of liked Kelly but she wasn't interested in dating him, he was too much of a friend. At the time I was in a long distance relationship which was in its death throws, but getting with Kelly wasn't my goal.

Things went well overall for the first few weeks. Kelly kept her clothes in Mark's room because he had more closet space and some of her other stuff in my room, and slept on the futon in the living room. Since she worked evenings at the restaurant, she wasn't too upset when there were people staying up late playing games, but I could tell something was bothering her.

We went outside one Thursday night to smoke a cigarette and started talking. I found out quickly what was bothering her, she didn't have any real privacy any time at all, for "anything" she said. It didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that she meant she couldn't masturbate due to people around all the time. During the day, people were there all the time. At night, people were there hanging out, and she said the bathroom wasn't the best place for her as it was too cramped and she didn't have her showerhead. I laughed and was sort of turned on at the same time.

I was leaving town the next day for the weekend and I told her she could stay in my room and have all the privacy she wanted, jokingly saying that I was going to have to have time to hide the camera. We laughed and she said to put it on the left side of the bed as that was her best side. The next day I was headed out of town and she thanked me again for letting her stay in my room for the weekend by making some cookies for me to take and eat on the drive. I thanked her and told her to "have lots of fun!"

I returned late Sunday night from my trip, walking into a room full of people having a good time. I said hello to everyone and went to my room to drop my stuff off. When I got there I found a note on my pillow from Kelly. I opened it up and found a note and a picture inside. All the note said was "THANK YOU, I REALLY NEEDED THAT!!!" and the picture was one she took of herself, lying in my bed, of her face smiling really big in a huge after-orgasm grin. I immediately went to rock hard and knew I was going to have to resolve that issue when I went to bed in a little bit. I put the note and picture away and went out and joined everyone else.

When I went out in the living room I immediately saw Kelly on the back deck. When she saw me, she knew immediately that I had read the letter and she began to laugh because of the look on my face. I went outside and joined her on the deck. She thanked me again and I said "Anytime. I mean that, anytime you need to use my room, I really don't mind that at ALL!"

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"Thanks, I might just have to take you up on that offer."

We both smiled at each other, knowing we both were getting horny at the thought when some other people walked out on the deck. She walked back inside and I stayed out there finishing my beer. I went to bed a short while later, even though there were people in the living room still, because I needed some sleep for work the next day and I had to go masturbate as I was so horny thinking about her masturbating in my bed.

I slipped off my clothes and retrieved a bottle of hand cream that I kept in my room. I squirted some on my hand and started massaging my already stiff cock. As I stroked, I thought about Kelly, rubbing herself on my bed, imaging her body shaking as she came. I began stroking faster harder, wanting to feel the same orgasmic pleasure she had felt probably earlier that afternoon, right where I was then. I reached down with my left hand, cupping my balls, my right hand pumping furiously, pre-cum oozing out, adding to the lubrication. As I felt my balls tighten, I raised my hips up off the bed just as my orgasm hit, spurting stream after stream on my chest and stomach, my body shaking until my orgasm subsided. I cleaned myself up and fell asleep in an orgasmic bliss.

The next night was much quieter at the apartment, with everyone gone by 10:00 PM. Mark retired early due to an early morning appointment at work, so Kelly and I were left up talking. She asked me if I enjoyed last night and I looked at her quizzically. She said "I know you went in your room and jerked off after our conversation. If I hadn't just had so many that afternoon in your bed, I probably would have found a way to do it myself."

I smiled and said, "Oh yeah. I got a workout last night, then slept like a baby." She laughed and said she was gad to hear it.

At this point, I figured I would see where the conversation would go if I tried, so I took a swallow of beer and said "I was being serious the other night, any time you want some privacy, just let me know. I'll gladly give up my room for a while, knowing what's going on in there. Hell, I'll even leave some of my porno tapes out for you!"

"I appreciate that, and I'm gonna take you up on it sometime soon." With that, the subject was changed after a moment of awkward silence followed by a nervous laugh.

After about 15 more minutes of uncomfortable shifting to make an attempt to conceal the very obvious bulge in my pants, I stood up, no longer able to hide it or even caring to. We were being very open about what we were doing, so I said "I think I am gonna go watch one of those tapes I was telling you about, jerk off, and get some sleep."

She smiled and said "Have fun!" and I went inside.

I walked in my room and shut the door behind me. I took off my clothes, releasing the strain of my cock against my pants, and walked over and selected a video, although I didn't really need one. I put the video in the player and began slowly stroking my cock while fast forwarding to scene that I really liked which lasted almost 15 minutes, as I was planning on making this one last for a while.

As the scene started, I was reaching over the side of the bed to get some baby oil when the door opened. I jumped at first as Kelly walked in and said "I'm gonna take you up on that offer now." I sat there dumbstruck as she walked in the room.

I watched her as she walked in front of the TV and took her clothes off. It was the first time I had seen her naked, and the silhouette of her body against the TV was amazing. She walked over to the left side of the bed, looked at me, and said "Slide over." I slid over to my right and moved the pillow up to be behind my back as I sat up more in the bed. She took the other pillow and put it behind her head and lay down on the bed next to me on her back so that she could see the movie as well.

Kelly looked at me, then looked down at my cock, bobbing with excitement, with a drop of pre-cum glistening on the tip. She looked back up at me and said, "Looks like you have a head start on me, can you hand me some of the baby oil?"

I sat and watched mesmerized as she poured some of the oil on her hands then starting rubbing her tits. She then poured more oil on both of her hands and started them together. Once her hands were nice and coated, she took both hands and started rubbing her lips, starting at the bottom and rubbing up, rubbing her clit as she went past. I was silent watching this, my cock standing straight up, aching for me to touch it. She looked over at me and asked, "Aren't you going to finish?"

At that point, I took the bottle back away from her and poured some oil on my hands, then started rubbing my cock with my right hand and massaging my balls with my left. While we were each going at ourselves, between moans, she turned to look at me, then looked down at my cock, then back up at me. She said "masturbation only, deal?"

I managed to get out an "ok." between breaths, but that was about it.

We kept getting ourselves off, watching the movie and each other, getting more and more turned on by the minute. I turned to her and said "hold it for a just a few minutes. The orgasm the girl has is amazing. That's when I usually cum, if I can hold it that long."

She said "you better hold it if you are going to make me wait on it." After she said that, I turned to really study her for the first time. I first looked down at me, I was half sitting, half laying on the bed, my legs slightly apart but straight out on the bed.

I looked and her at it was an amazing sight. Her breasts were moving with her body, bouncing up and down slightly. Both hands were between her legs, although her legs were closer together than she wanted, I guessed. Almost as if she was reading my mind, she raised her right leg up and placed it across my left leg, opening up her pussy so she could really get at it. She turned her head up to look at me as to ask if I minded, and a knowing glance told her I did not.

I looked back at the TV for a second and told her it was about to start. She looked back at the screen just as the woman on screen began to quiver. When I saw this, I picked up my pace so I could cum right after the woman on screen did.

I knew the scene on the video well. The woman began to quiver, then her whole body began to shake. When she finally had her orgasm, she gushed fluids and her lips pulsed with her orgasm, she wanted to touch her lips but the other woman was holding her hands back not allowing her to, making her shake more. I could feel that I was going to cum very hard, and was timing it to happen as soon as the woman on screen did. Kelly could tell that I was about to cum, I had picked up my pace to almost a blur, stroking as fast as I could.

Kelly picked up the pace as fast as she could and I could feel her body begin to tense. I was stroking hard and fast when the woman on screen began to cum. I felt my balls draw up and my orgasm start. With the first spurt of cum that shot in the air, I took my left hand off my balls and grabbed the inside of Kelly's thigh right next to her pussy and squeezed. About that time, ropes of cum were coming down, some landing on my chest, some landing on Kelly's chest.

As the first spurts of my cum landed on her chest, Kelly half screamed "Oh GOD, I'm gonna gush!" With that, she came as hard as anyone could, gushing fluids on the bed, her body writhing. She took her right hand away from fingering herself and used her left fingers to spread her lips, fluid coming out of her, her lips still pulsing. She took her right hand and placed it on top of my right hand, still stroking the remaining cum out, my orgasm ending. She and I both lay there panting in the bed, the porno still playing in the background, the woman onscreen now getting fucked by someone.

After a minute of both of us trying to catch our breaths, the remaining spasm's of our orgasm's subsiding, both of us laughing at the other one when it happened. She looked down at her hand, still on mine which was still stroking my cock, and said "Sorry, I got a little carried away," and took her hand off my cock.

I smiled and said "No worries. It looked like it helped you enjoy yours a little more."

"It did" she said. "That was fucking amazing. So, is this what you had in mind and does the offer still stand?"

I answered back the only way I knew how. "Abso-fucking-lutely!"