Maude Chapter 02

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At ten past three on the next Wednesday, there I was round at the charity shop, wondering about my next donation. The closed sign was in the window but I tried the door anyway - it was locked.

So I just wandered along the nearby shops, idly looking in the windows, until is was quarter past. Making my way back I kept wondering about Maude, and last time I'd been in the shop. Had I dreamed all that dressing up and her wanking me? Surely it couldn't have been real?

I got to the door and tried it again, but it was still locked. I looked into the shop, and then saw at the back, the figure of someone by the changing rooms. It was Maude, and seeing me she came out towards the door. I could make out a pink polo neck sweater and red skirt, and her face looked quite warm too. She undid the lock, and opened the door.

"Come in, dear," she said, "Sorry I wasn't quite ready in time, I was just finishing off my previous donor. Here, you have a look at the books and gifts for a moment please, while I just settle up with him."

She smiled, locked the door, and then went back to the changing room. Out of the corner of my eye I could see a man coming out, tidying his hair, so guessed what had been going on. He followed Maude sheepishly past me to the till, where I couldn't help but hear the conversation...

"Right then, " said Maude, "that's just £10 for the donation, thank you. Do you want to book in for next week? Three o'clock OK again? That's fine, then, see you next week! Here I'll just let you out." And with that she went to unlock the door, locking it shut again behind him.

Maude came straight over to me: "I'm very sorry about that. I don't like my donors to meet, if I can help it, but he seemed so slow today - still, I'm sure you won't be! Now, have you thought about buying any new clothes this week? Or trying something on? And how did the party go? Come to the back of the shop and tell me all!"

While she was talking I was taking in her clothes. Her pale pink sweater had a high round polo neck, with a cable pattern in rows down the front, emphasising the beautiful roundness of her breasts, especially when she put her shoulders back and folded her arms. Her skirt was dark red knitted wool - just like the one I'd bought the previous week. And she kept on looking into my eyes just like she had before.

"Well I wasn't planning on buying anything." I said, as we walked to the clothes section.

"Oh, OK. Well I hope you would like to make a donation for me? Our charity needs all the donations it can get, you know!" and she smiled again. "You just come into in the cubicle and I'll let you know our rates."

She was now standing in the doorway, with one arm raised to hold the side, showing her bosom off to me as she leaned against the side of the changing room. "Well last week was obviously your first time here, so we had a special introductory rate. The normal donation prices are £10 for manual and I do a special for just £5 if you want to do yourself while I watch you. And obviously you can buy whatever clothes you like - especially sweaters if you want to dress up! Or if you want to just wear something while you cum I usually ask for £5 extra too, double if you dirty it. Oh, and I don't allow any touching of my body in the shop - just looking. If you want to touch me," and she pulled her sweater down tightly, pushing out her breasts at the same time, "then you'll have to come round to one of my house parties. I run special parties for those donors that want to give rather more." and she smiled, knowingly. "Did you go to that party last week, by the way?"

I was just taking all this in, so her question threw me a little. "Er, no, it was cancelled," I said, sounding unconvincing.

"Well if you do want that sort of party I'm sure I could fit you in. I've got a sweater party booked for Friday week, and a silk party the Friday after. But I think you are mainly into woolies, aren't you?"

"Yes, I suppose so," I replied, taking in her tight sweater and the rise and fall of her breasts as she breathed.

"OK," she smiled, "Well what's it to be? A manual donation - would that be in order? Shall I do you again like last time or do you want to play with yourself for me? And would you like to dress up? Let's just see, shall we?" and with that she just moved half a step forward and reached out to grab my trouser waistband. She unbuckled the belt, while I just stood there, my coat still on. Then undoing the belt, she undid my trousers and let them fall to the floor.

"I think you'd better hang your jacket up, dear, or it will get in the way," she said, "now hold up your shirt tails so I can see what I'm doing!" And as I did so, she just reached forward again, and tucked her cold fingers into the waist of my white pants, before pulling them down to my knees.

"That's better!" she smiled, reaching one hand under my balls and the other around the base of my expanding cock. "I think you just need a few touches to get you fully hard, and then a good pumping should get you going. Just stand still, and let my fingers do all the moving for you."

The feeling was just amazing, to be stood in the back of the shop with Maude's pink wool covered arms reaching out to me and her fingers exploring me as I watched her breasts wobbling in time with her hand movements.

"Now, when you get going a bit more, you'll have to decide where you'd like to cum - my hands again or if you'd rather you can just cum into a sweater." she looked in my eyes as she finished the sentence.

I was breathing heavier now, "Well I want both, and more!" I panted, "You are just so arousing."

She smiled at me, keeping up her stroking tossing motions, "Well I''m glad you like it - I like my donors to enjoy their donation! But I'll just stop for a moment while you decide."

She stepped back, allowing me to look at her again, and take in the amazement of being half naked - and fully erect - in front of a middle-aged lady. She reached out to the clothes rail behind her, then sorted through some of the sweaters hanging on the rail.

"I've got this lovely black mohair cardigan that's just come in, " she smiled, coming back into the cubicle and showing it to me. "If you'd like to slip it on you could, or I could just use it to catch your cum in. Anywhere but not the carpet!"

She saw my eyes as I saw the cardigan. "Right," she said, anticipating my thoughts, "You'd like to cum into this cardy would you? You naughty thing, wanting to mess up my nice clothes!"

And she moved back in front of me, holding the sweater in one hand and rubbing it under my balls, while her other hand reached out to my cock again. It felt amazing, the contrast between the warm soft wool and the cold firmness of her fingers. She started her tossing motion, bending my cock towards the black wool and raising her other hand up so my cock pushed into it.

"Come on, dear," she smiled, "Now for your donation. I hope it's as good as last week's - and this time I'll watch it all coming. Last week you took me by surprise and I missed your first spurts."

"I do like your cock, you know," she continued, "It's got a splendid head on it - so red and big - and look, there's some of your donation starting to show arlready!"

She wiped some pre-cum liquid off the end of my cock, smearing it across the black wool to leave a glistening trail.

"Oh look, you're messing it up already!" she smiled, starting a firmer tossing as she sensed I was nearly there. My eyes were locked on her wool-clad arms and their rythmic movements, and the wobbling of her breasts under her pink sweater just inches in front of me. She looked so gorgeous and arousing, and the whole experience jsut too unreal, but I felt my body responding even though I wanted to delay the pleasure for hours.

"Come on now, out with it, there's a dear." she urged, "I know you're nearly there now, so let's have just a quick spurt for me, come on, come on, come on..."

And as she kept up her firm pumping movements I came, letting out a huge sigh as I splashed my white cum all over her black cardigan. I looked down at her, as her fingers kept up their relentless motion.

"That's a good boy!" she smiled, "let's see it all come out now, don't hold any back!" she urged as she carried on her tossing movements, easing the last liquids out of me and on to the black sweater.

"There," she looked into my eyes, "That was very good for your first proper donation - most generous too, if I might say so, looking at all your cum in my cardy! But its quite sticky cum isn't it? Have you had the chop?"

I said that I had, several years before. "I thought so!" she smiled "That's why it's so sticky and doesn't shoot so far. But it's very easy for cleaning up, isn't it. Especially if I force you to lick it up for me!"

Still holding my cock with one hand, she lifted the spunk covered cardigan up towards my face, till it was just inches away, and I could smell my cum.

"Now you've got to be a good boy and eat it all up for me! Hold out your tongue, and let me watch you lick it off my cardy..."

I knew I couldn't say no to her, but felt so embarrased by her orders, then felt her hand grip my cock tighter, and somehow finger my balls at the same time. I let out a gasp of pleasure, and she just pushed the spunky cardigan into my mouth. I licked at my cum and swallowed some of the sticky liquid, but the hairs of the wool stuck to my mouth too. Then she pulled the cardigan away a little, before finding another splash for me to lick at. All the time she was smiling at me, gripping my cock and rousing my balls.

"There's a good boy, licking up all his excesses. As you obviously like cardigans so much I'm going to call you my cardilicker! Come on, some more drops over on the sleeve."

And she moved the cardigan to offer me the sleeve to lick, which I dutifully did. By now the arousal of her hand and the embarrassment of licking up my own cum from the soft wool had made me get hard again. In fact I'd not really deflated at all, as she'd held me so tightly. Now her fingers began to move up and down again.

"Are you ready for another one?" asked Maude, smiling and raising an eyebrow. "My you are a keen donor aren't you?" Let's see if I can get a bit more out of you. Hands behind you head and just watch me, please. I'll see if you like the feel of the damp cardy on your cock."

So again I watched as her experienced fingers gripped around my cock, still feeling cool compared to the soft wool which she wrapped around my bell end and rubbed under my balls. I was getting fully hard again by now, when she stopped as if an idea struck her, and she let go of my cock.

"I've just thought of something else you might like!" she smiled, and lifted the cardigan up, untangling it so the sleeves hung loose. Then she took a sleeve in each hand, and brought them up towards my face.

"Let's try a game of blind man's buff!" she smiled. "I bet you've not played it like this before, have you? With a soft mohair blindfold, and your sticky cum on it!"

"No, I've certainly not!" I replied, feeling even more powerless in her presence.

She put the blinfold around my head, the soft wool feeling so sexy against my skin, but feeling some wet patches against my cheek. She tied the sleeves behind my head, pulling the cardigan tight over my eyes with the wool hanging down over my face. Now I couldn't see her at all, but felt so aroused and vulnerable at the same time.

"Now I've got you how I want you!" said Maude, and I heard her take a step or two backwards.

I had no idea what was coming next, but stood in anticipation, my cock pushing forwards and me hands still behind my head. I could just about make out some shapes through the wool, but was virtually blind, when a sudden flash made me jump.

"What was that?" I asked.

"Oh just a little souvenir for my album." replied Maude. "I do like to have photos of my regular donors you know!" Then her camera flashed again, this time lower down. Was she taking photos of my cock?

Then I felt her move towards me, and she kneeled down in front of me. Suddenly her fingers were on my cock again, and the feeling a ecstacy began as she slipped one hand under my balls, and the other played along my now extending shaft. Then there was a third feeling, of wet flicking at the end. She must be licking me! My pulse raced further.

"Mmm..." she said. "I can't have any mess on the carpet, and your spunk cardy is round your eyes, so I'd just better try to catch you myself this time..."

And I felt her whole mouth grip around the end of my cock, as her fingers began their rhythmic pumping of my shaft. I wanted to see, and somehow out of a corner of the wool I caught a glimpse of her hair as her head bobbed forwards and backwards while her forced my cum up my shaft.

I was begining to moan now, as she kept up her pleasuring unseen. I put out my tongue and licked the soft wool in front of my face, tasting more of my cold cum. Her head was moving faster now, sucking my hardness as her fingers gripped the base of my shaft. Then her other hand slipped further between my legs, behind my balls. Without thinking I opened my legs slightly, and her fingers separated my bottom cheeks. I let out a cry as she touched my anus, pushing my cock forwards deep into her mouth as the feeling a exquisite pleasure excited me.

I was panting now, and knew I couldn't last much longer. Her fingers, her lips, the blinfold cardigan which prevented me seeing her and yet felt so soft and warm.

She sensed I was nearly there, and pulled her head back. "Come on then, gorgeous, fill my mouth with your spunk!" she urged, then put her lips tightly over my shaft, licking my bell end as she pumped me harder.

It was all just too much, and I felt my second cumming explode into her mouth, and heard her gag a little as she swallowed it down. I was moaning out loud now as each spurt splashed into her, and her fingers kept up their motions even when my cum was spent. She seemed to suck even harder, trying to get the last out of me.

The feeling of pure pleasure mixed with embarassment and disbelief seemed to last for ever, but soon she felt my cock deflate and let it out of her mouth, licking the end.

"Mmmm you are a spunky young donor, aren't you!" she smiled, speaking more slowly than before as if relishing the moment. "Well I suppose I'd better take your blindfold off, and let you get dressed again. Heavens, is that ths time? I must open the shop again of the customres will wonder what's happening!"

I kind of felt her stand up in front of me, and suddenly it was light as she took the cardigan blindfold off. I felt flushed - but then agian, she looked flushed too, and her lipstick was all smeared and smudged. She looked into my eyes.

"Now I'll have to charge you for giving this cardigan a good washing - but I bet you don't mind, do you? And of course the second cumming will be extra too."

I was still breathing too fast to say much, just taking in the image to play back again later. She had her sweater sleeves pulled up her forearms, and looked the perfect middle aged aunt apart from the smudged lips and flushed face. She smiled at me.

"I'll just go and put this in my washing basket while you get yourself dressed again. I'll see you outside in a mo!"

And with that she left me in the cubicle, to get myself back to normal - at least on the outside.

When I went into the shop Maude was behind the till, busying herself with some tidying up.

"Now how do you feel, dear?" she asked me as I drew near.

"Fine, thanks." I replied, still coming to terms with her wonderful wanking. "Now before you make your other donation for this week, how about booking next week? Do you fancy the same time again?" and she looked at me in that meaningful way.

I knew I should say no, but then... "I certainly fancy it." I replied, smiling back at her, "but then I'd fancy that every day, never mind every week!"

"Oh, you would, would you?" she came back, smiling, "Well I thought I'd just given you a good double donation, but if you're not satisfied..."

"No, it's not that." I butted in, "It's just that it is so good. You are just so electrifying!"

"Well that's alright, then. For a minute I thought I was loosing my touch. So how about I book you in for next week here, and you come along to my party before then? Is that what you had in mind?"

She was matter-of-fact in her style though I knew not in what she had in mind - or at least what I had in mind.

"Yes, if you like. How does that work? What day are we talking about?"

"How about you come round tomorrow night - about 8pm - and the address is on my card. I've got another friend coming round too, so it could be quite a busy night. And bring that cardy you bought last week - it might get cold later on. Now," and she rang in the till, "that'll be £10 for each donation plus £5 for the cleaning - £25 in all, thank you very much."

I paid her the cash, and she passed me back one of her cards with my till receipt. I glanced at it: 'Mrs M. Fowler' was printed in a blue script, with 'Charity Donations' in smaller letters under it. Then the address: '34 Leaside Avenue, Newtown. Tel: 01453 654932'.

"Well I think it's all here," I smiled, "I'll see you tomorrow!"

"Bye now," she replied, "I'm looking forward to it already, you cheeky thing!"