Mom's Friend Was My First Love Chapter 07

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Shirley and I lay there panting and exhausted in each other's arms for what seemed like a long time. The day was pleasant and not too warm yet and there was a nice breeze blowing on our shady hillside. I loved just lying there holding her close and feeling her breath. Every few minutes I would gently and tenderly kiss her lips or her face or neck. She would whimper and snuggle tighter.

I looked at her lying there in my arms and took in her sweaty body and soaking matted pubic hair. I could taste both my cum, her pussy juices and burnt tobacco every time I kissed her and ran my tongue around her lips or probed her mouth with it. In the years since Shirley I have found most women who smoke to be repulsive. One lady I dated had terrible "dragon breath" and I simply could not stand kissing her.

I have found, however, that when I am deeply attracted to a woman both with my heart and my lust, her smoking does not bother me at all. When Shirley asked me to reach her a cigarette I did so gladly. If she had asked I would have torn out my heart and handed it to her that morning. I lit it for her with her worn Zippo and watched as the tip glowed bright red for seven or eight seconds and then she inhaled very deeply. Her exhale followed several seconds later and it was long and dense with the usual trailing wisps from her nose.

I didn't really know much or care about such things back then, but I had noticed that on different days Shirley would smoke different brands of cigarettes. Mostly, she smoked Kents which were filtered. Some days she smoked long white unfiltered Pall Malls. Today she had the deep red Pall Mall pack with her. With these she would often get a piece of tobacco on her lips or tongue and would daintily spit it away.

As she continued smoking I began to expand my kissing to her chest again. I loved her modest breasts with her large areola's and thick rubbery nipples. She loved having them licked and sucked and I noticed the nipple she had twisted and pulled while I ate her pussy earlier was very red and looked like it was bruised. After a few minutes I got a handkerchief from my jeans pocket and walked, naked, to the stream. After soaking it in the cool water I returned and wiped the sweat from Shirley's face and chest.

She laughed and squirmed as I wiped the matted hair in her underarms and then began to clean the thick fur around her pussy. I had to return to the stream several times to wash it out before I was satisfied with my work. Shirley had finished her cigarette and while I finished cleaning her she pointed out that I was again erect and "ready for business."

"Are you sure that we can't be together anymore?" I asked her, hoping for a reprieve from the sentence she had already pronounced.

"As much as I would like to continue this forever, I will not hurt MJ more or take the chance of hurting my other two daughters. This was wrong and I knew that going in. I let poor judgment and lust take over my good senses."

"So, being with me is a mistake?" I was hurt and she realized it.

"Yes, but it is the sweetest and most wonderful mistake of my life."

"Can't we just take off together? You get a divorce and you and I will find a way to be happy somewhere else." My youthful lust, love and exuberance showed no good judgment in reality.

"No, honey, we can't. That would hurt all kinds of people and you would eventually be one of them. You need to find yourself someone your age with a whole lifetime of loving ahead of them. But, you saying that to me is the sweetest thing and I love you for it."

"I love you Shirley, and I would do anything for you." I know I sounded pitiful but this was my first love and unlikely as it may seem, I was branded forever with the sound, feel and smell of her.

I know that I asked her that day about her husband and she would not tell me how he was mean to her as I had heard. I know she had been at our house with black eyes and other bruises in the past and I knew it was from him. At 5 ft 10, I am not a tall man but I am thick and very muscular. I was popular with the local farmers when I was in my late teens because of my strength and willingness to work long hours.

I was always the guy who threw heavy bales up to the stacker when the wagon or truck was piled very high. Because of my love for Shirley I wanted to use my youthful strength to protect her. I told her that if her husband was ever "mean" to her again I would hurt him. She then became very upset and cried and finally made me promise to never do anything like that. She told me that it would only cause problems for everyone and she didn't want me to get into trouble.

After the talk slowed down Shirley idly lit another cigarette and lay there with her head on my chest smoking. She began to play with my hard cock and soon it was drooling precum again. Without saying anything, Shirley swung herself up and straddled me. She held her cigarette in one hand and my cock in the other gently stroking it. She put the cigarette to her lips and began a very deep draw on it as she positioned the head of my cock against her furry wet pussy lips. As she lowered the cigarette and inhaled deeply she began to slowly lower herself onto my cock. I watched my hard thick cock disappear between her thick hairy lips and she buried me to the hilt in her as her smoky breath washed over my upper body.

She stayed in that position as she ground our pubic bones together crushing her clit against my hardness. I reached up to fondle her hard nipples and with my thumbs on her nipples massaging them in a circular motion my fingertips found her underarm hair and began to lightly caress and play in it's thickness. She raised her arms to give me better access as she again put her cigarette between her lips. I knew that playing with her pit hair was a turn on for her and have found it to be true with other women since then. A bare armpit is usually ticklish and women will allow very little play time or licking there, but a natural armpit is definitely an erogenous zone for both partners.

As Shirley again exhaled a long plume of dense white smoke she raised up on me again very slowly until only the head of my cock was between her thick dripping pussy lips. I could not help myself and had to look down again, fascinated by my thick cock stroking into and out of her soaking slick pussy. As Shirley smoked, she continued to slowly fuck me. After several minutes of this she again lowered all the way down and ground herself against me. Her cigarette was short and she reached to grind it out in the dirt and then immediately lit another. As she smoked this one she began to move faster and to grunt on each downward stroke. By her third deep drag she was moaning and coming and bent down to kiss me with her hot smoky mouth as she moved faster and I began to thrust hard and fast into her.

I had lasted a long time since she had drained me earlier but now I felt my orgasm approaching and when Shirley lay on me again to deeply kiss me I rolled her over onto her back while staying buried inside of her and sucking on her smoky tongue. I then raised myself up on my arms as she raised her legs and spread them wide. I began fucking her as hard and as fast as I could. I slammed into her with each stroke and she was crying, moaning and grunting all at the same time. When she began her throaty "ohhhhhhhhhhhh" over and over again I also began cumming and felt like I was shooting gallons of sperm inside of her. I continued thrusting and she continued moaning and thrusting to meet me until I began to soften. I surprisingly maintained a half erection and was able to stay inside of her soaking pussy and keep up short strokes until she asked me to stop.

"Too intense, honey," she said, "that was so good, just stay inside of me please and hold me for a while." Shirley had dropped her cigarette while we were fucking so hard and I smelled the blanket smoldering. I picked it up to throw away and she grabbed my hand and took a deep deep drag before I threw it in the dirt and slapped out the hot spot on the blanket.

As she exhaled I leaned in to kiss her, tasting the thick smoke in her mouth. I have a perfect picture of Shirley in my mind, lying there beneath me with red splotchy breasts tipped with dark puckered nipples and areolas. One arm was behind her head and her thick underarm hair was sweat dampened and very dark. If I was an artist I would paint this picture and know that it was a masterpiece.

Shirley and I lay side by side with her in my arms and fell asleep. If someone had walked to that hillside they would have found two naked exhausted people, one a 38 year old beauty and the other a 19 year old boy who had recently become more of a man. I had slept for nearly two hours when I was awakened by a warm feeling at my groin. I looked down to see Shirley slowly sucking my cock. She was not stroking it, but simply sucking on the head and first couple of inches and massaging the underside with her tongue. It felt wonderful on my very sore cock and her gentleness had given me a rock like hard-on. She saw that I was fully awake slid up beside me and pulled me over her.

"I am very sore, so be gentle," she said, "and give me one more of those deep orgasms you are so good at."

My ego soared and I slowly entered her sinking deeply into her body. Shirley raised her hips and pulled me higher so that the head of my cock felt like it was rubbing the roof of her vagina with each slow stroke. On the third stroke she was moaning again and I looked down to see tears running down the sides of her face. With an open mouth she moaned, "ohhhhh", over and over again with each stroke.

Her breasts were again mottled and red and her eyes remained squeezed tight as she had the longest orgasm of any woman I have ever known. I was glad that I did not cum and it was more the previous two times being drained than any great control on my part. Finally Shirley reached up and pulled my face down to kiss my, moaning into my mouth as our tongues did there private gentle dance.

Shirley let her legs relax and then wrapped them around me pulling me in hard and tight and not letting me move. We lay like that for minutes and I could feel her pussy spasming around my unmoving cock. I nearly came right them but my fascination with watching her distracted me enough to hold off. I just didn't want that moment to ever end.

Finally her pussy was still and putting a hand on each side of my face she began kissing me, holding me close and kissing me over and over again. When she fell back breathing hard she said for the first and only time, "I really do love you."

"I love you too, I always will." I answered her and she smiled and we lay there again for a long time. Finally she rolled away from me and my still hard cock slid from her pussy.

"I am done, honey. My pussy is so sore I can't stand anything more today." she said, looking into my face. Seeing my disappointment she continued, "but, honey, I am going to take good care of that glorious cock of yours. I just need time to rest."

We lay there quietly, my cock staying at least half erect with Shirley's juices drying on it and getting crusty. We were soaked with multiple cummings and a lot of it was thickening and drying on both of us.

Finally, Shirley got up and taking my handkerchief, she went to the stream and washed herself off, taking a sponge bath. Wetting it again, she came back and washed my cock and pubic hair. The cold water didn't have much effect as I was so incredibly turned on by her lovely wet body and her attention to me.

"I want this one to be huge for you, honey," she said. I loved her calling me honey and anything she wanted was good for me. "I am going to build you up over and over and when I finally let you cum it should be a really big one. I want to do that for you."

I simply lay there and watched as she again lit a cigarette, her usual prelude to getting serious about something. She took a drag and blew the smoke around my cock and then took me into her mouth slowly sucking as much in as she could and swirling her tongue around it. When I was wet and slick she lay beside me and began licking my nipple, stroking my cock and smoking her cigarette. I thought I would explode, but feeling it she stopped and pinched the base of my cock until the urge passed.

Shirley repeated this several times and then asked, "Would you like to hear more of the whipping story? That seemed to really excite you and I would enjoy telling you."

"Yes" I croaked from my shaky hoarse voice. Shirley then began to slowly tell me the story of a 40 year old mother and her 21 year old daughter who were being whipped for stealing. She put in every detail that she knew I would love and during the telling had to stop several times to pinch off my orgasm. She was very serious about giving me a long buildup and my already sore cock was in a world of pain and pleasure. She licked my nipple between sentences and my arm around her alternately lightly caressed her nipple or ran back and forth through her underarm hair.

Note: I have teased you with Shirley's story about whipping without meaning to. I have received several emails from people who would like to hear the whole story. If any of you want to hear it, I will post that next. It is a story I have lived with for over 30 years and would be glad to share it with you.

At the end of her story, the mother has to reward the punisher with a blow job for giving her daughter only a light whipping. She has received a severe flogging and is kneeling before the man sucking his cock with him gazing at her striped bleeding back while her daughter is punished by his assistant. When Shirley got to that point she decided it was time for me to come. She once again pinched off my approaching orgasm and paused to light a cigarette. I was wild with a rock hard cock full of cum and no hands on me. She sat there in her naked beautiful splendor smiling at me. She leaned in to kiss me tenderly on the lips.

"Would you like me to finish?" she asked sweetly?

"YES," I shouted causing her to laugh out loud. Shirley took my cock in hand again as she took a deep drag and began to stroke long slow strokes as she blew smoke on my cock and drooled spit along it to make it wet. She began to describe the blow job the whipper was getting when I began to throb with my explosion to cum. Feeling this, Shirley immediately took my cock into her mouth and began to fuck my cock with her lips and tongue. As my orgasm built she went deeper and faster and I began exploding into her mouth as my cock head hit the back of her throat. I heard her lightly gag but kept thrusting myself into her willing mouth as she pummeled my cock, her head bobbing rapidly. When I stopped spurting she slowed and continued to suck my cock gently until I placed a hand on her head to stop.

I pulled Shirley up to me and we shared a long deep kiss flavored with her ever present cigarette and my salty cum. When we broke the kiss we again lay together under the trees until finally rousing ourselves we cleaned up and began to dress. It was late afternoon and when we got back to her house she kissed me deeply and tenderly and told me goodbye.

This was the last time I had sexual contact with Shirley. We saw each other many times and always had warm conversations and good friendship. I considered Shirley to be not only the first and greatest love of my life, but also one of my best friends. She and I talked over my college plans and when I finished my two years at the community college she gave me a wonderful letter and card wishing me luck and good life. I still have it today.

My junior year in college was intense and I did not get back home much at all. When I did come home for the summer my mother told me that Shirley had been very ill. She had cancer and in the early 70's that was much more scary than even now. You might expect that it was lung cancer from all of her smoking and that might very well be where it started. By the time it was discovered her cancer was in her ovaries, lungs and bones.

Shirley had several surgeries, radiation and severe chemo. She wanted to live very much and she fought her disease for six years. Her doctors were amazed that she hung on so long. I visited her as often as I could. She didn't want many visitors and I respected her wishes when she told her family she wanted no visitors, even though it was difficult. Her daughters were away at college and she insisted that they not stay home and hover over their mother.

Strangely, I encountered her older daughters several times when I could visit but never ran into MJ. Shirley was a few days short of 46 when she passed away. She was a frail old woman the last 5 years of her life but that special spark I loved so well never really went away. The fire in her eyes and the squeeze she gave my hand were full of love. No one ever knew about us except for MJ until now. I have had a lot of changes and hurt in my life recently and for some reason had to tell our story.

To the over fifty thousand people who read part one and all of you who are reading still, thank you for your kind words. The few rude people or disbelievers do not bother me. I have read Literotica stories for several years and admit I like the romantic and erotic coupling stories the best although I tend to read and enjoy all of them. I little over a month ago when I had the overpowering desire to share this story I decided that the most sexual woman I have ever known would approve of me sharing it on here. Shirley so much loved a good sexy story.

There is a bit more and those of you who think this is just a great fantasy will really not believe my story of MJ that I will try to write. I saw her at the wake and funeral and in the preceding years she had grown into a beautiful woman who was the image of her mother. We shared some brief interesting times together and discovered how much Shirley had effected both of us.

I will share Shirley's fictional tale of the mother and daughter who were whipped for stealing, which I really don't know if she read or made up but I think many of you will enjoy it. I will take on the story of MJ and I a little later and then attack some fiction I have been dreaming up. Thank you all again for reading and encouraging me, and please feel free to email me with your comments and discussion.